Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why travel for Medical Procedures?


Medical tourism is all about travelling to a destination to get quality medical services. The million dollar medical industry has witnessed a great change and exceptional growth in the past few decades. The catch is to search a good destination for your medical travel to grab the best-in-class medical services. People from Middle East, Asia, Europe and even Canada travel in an effort to avail quality medical services from specialists at affordable rates. For this, they seek association from the specialists in the country they wish to travel.


What are the offerings of the Medical Travel Service? / What services does the iClinic Healthcare Package cover?


The package includes hospitality and medical services in a cost-effective manner including the accommodation for the trip, appointments, ground transportation, hospital expenses, medical procedures, and a short trip afterwards to the nearby tourist destinations and visiting signatures of marvels in and around the area.


Why India is becoming the first choice for Medical Tourists?


The outcome for the surgical procedures performed by the Indian specialists is at par with the top medical centers recognized in the domestic as well as the international market. The affordability of these procedures is found to be one-fifth to one-tenth of the total cost when compared to the western countries.  You do not need to wait for the surgical procedures as our specialists are best known for performing their tasks with excellence and delivering excellent quality care that you need.


Is India a better destination for surgical procedures?


Yes, presently people from over 50 nations all over the globe are travelling to India for their medical treatments and surgical procedures. This has led India to be on the top of the list in the medical and healthcare sector. The cost is comparatively lower than other western countries of the world. India is blessed to have a pool of experienced doctors and physicians. Many doctors have proved their competency in the western countries and returned back to India to offer their expertise. The Indian medical fraternity comprises of high-caliber specialists from all medical specialties and sub-specialties who have been practicing successfully over many years and attaining extensive experience by focusing mainly on evidence based practice.


Why Are Indian Medical Procedures affordable?


Various countries have renowned medical systems as per the advance technology and high quality, but adoption of the legal system is not completely present as compared to the countries of the west. For e.g. in the USA, doctors are required to pay insurance for medical treatments that cover $100,000 yearly. Doctors from abroad have to pay for the insurance and their insurance cost is $4000 yearly. The private health centers in India make use of similar instruments and machines and the services are at par when compared to the countries abroad.   


How to obtain details about the services, facilities, and pricing for Surgical/Medical  Procedures in an unknown land?


iClinic Healthcare addresses all your queries pertaining to your medical travel needs. We resolve all your queries related to your travel to India, that includes the hotels, room rents and services and medical procedures in the best hospitals/medical facilities. Our experts will guide you end-to-end right from the moment you wish to seek treatment in best of the facilities in India to boarding the flight back to your hometown. We provide comprehensive packages designed by our panel of experts to accommodate all your medical as well as traveling needs. You care is our commitment, and through us, you can expect to get in touch with the best-in-class medical specialists who will take care of your treatment till your complete recovery is ensured. Post treatment packages are usually not included in the medical packages, but iClinic also offers assistance for your post treatment stay in India.


How expensive is our service?


Our services are cost effective. We offer services for various surgical treatments within a very accommodative fixed budget.


How can I know more about the doctor from whom I’m planning to seek treatment?


India boasts of experienced professionals and well-qualified doctors who happen to be experts in their medical specialty. The country has huge wealth of quality doctors and paramedical personnel who are brimmed with experience by practicing and serving huge number of patients on a daily basis. You can use our online services to connect with the specialist that your condition/ailment demands for. We will share with you all the necessary details about the specialist, their education, their expertise, their experience, their practice, etc., and assist you in choosing the right online medical consultation with the expert of your choice.


How shall I make payments for the medical services?


You just need to pay the surgery cost to the concerned surgeon or to the facility they belong to. This makes your payment get in safe hands and reaches the service provider directly and appropriately.


How can I consult a doctor in India?


Our service includes the initial consultation connecting you with the specialist. Additional correspondence will be initiated via e-mails, video conferences, or phone.


Is the Health Centers safe for our medical choice?


We are a well-recognized platform for online consultation for medical and health tours to India. With a large network, and strategic hospitality and medical tie-ups in place, we make a big brand providing added safety to your lives in emergency situations. We will ensure high clinical outcomes at very reasonable cost to best suit your budget and safeguard your healthcare interests.       


Why select India as Medical Tourism destination?


There are a few important factors to be considered. The quality of care is being ensured in the medical tourism industry in India by developing the state-of-the-art facilities with all modern technologies and equipments in place. The advancement in transportation system is further revolutionizing the quality of healthcare being provided in India. Not only this, our specialists are highly professional in their conduct and are thoroughly capable of performing even on the most complicated and complex of surgeries.  


What if I am not happy with your modus operandi for medical procedures?  / services?


Medical tourism is the process of taking a medical trip to a specific place for medical procedure. We bring together your requirement and the specialized physician into a common platform where you can communicate freely, and proceed as per your mutual consents. We are serving an open opportunity to our esteemed customers for getting in touch with the best of the specialists to serve them in a most efficient and effective way.


Will it be safe travelling so far?


Your travel plan would be decided as per the travel package you select. Once you select the plan, our panel of experts will guide you regarding the safety measures that you can undertake, and suggest the best possible treatment options to address all your medical travel needs.


How should I seek Surgical Procedures through iClinic?


You can upload your medical records and detailed history of symptoms through our online platform. Our medical professionals will scrutinize the reports and symptoms to accurately assess your condition. If their feedback calls for surgery, then you will be provided with the comprehensive surgical recommendations and also your treatment options here in India. Please feel free to upload your records, and we will be happy to serve you in the best possible manner we can.


Who would be looking after me Post Treatment?


There are trained attendants in the hospital, and they will take good care of you, and provide you with the things which you may require. Also, you will have your mobile phones with you in the hospital. Your expected length of stay in the hospital depends on the surgical procedure that you will undergo.


What is the procedure of getting Medical Treatment Or Surgery in India? What do I have to do for it?


Following is the process suggested-


1. Step – If you have any medical enquiry, you can directly connect with us by submitting your personal details including your e-mail address, name, contact number, and residential address through our online questionnaire on the website.


2. Step – Fill the questionnaire (Medical Quote request form) that we give/send you through email. This Medical Quote Request Form covers your requirement for second medical opinion/ ailment/ different types of Diagnostic reports which are available and other medical records like X-Rays/MRI/ Back home hospital or your private doctor’s directed reports or clinic and CT scan. All these current or past medical records will help our medical specialists to answer all your queries effectively with explanation of details.


3. Step – If the doctor feels that he needs to know more about your medical condition you have to send the scanned reports of all MRI, OPG Images, diagnostics reports, angiograms, pathological reports, dental moulds and CT-Scans, etc. You can also send Xerox copies of all these reports or CD’s to our address or postal mail, tealeaf  and courier.


4. Step – On the basis of above, you can get the detailed information from the medical consultants or doctors who will give you the advice on your estimated cost for the purpose of rough planning and the time period of your stay needed at the hospital including post-operative and pre-operative based on the medical treatment or surgery in India.


5. Step – You will get the complete estimate about the cost of your stay in the city including the cost of living in a hotel, guest house or service apartment provided by us, where you plan to have your surgery performed. Also, you will get complete details about the hospital or your treating institution in India with the profiles of doctors who are going to attend you and the respective specialist departments of the hospital where your surgical treatment has been suggested to be performed; all for the purpose of proper planning and right execution.


6. Step – Take permission from your local treating physician to come to India. Further, give information to us about your medical condition and your local physician’s consent for the trip.


7. Step – Get into the required agreement (agreement, indemnity or pre-registration, consent bond) with the hospital where your medical treatment has to be performed in India.


8. Step – All the payments including those for fixing the appointments with the doctors, booking of the Operation Theatre, cost of the medical treatment, room tariff as per room category or ward chosen by you and surgery cost; entire fees needs to be paid at the time of registration only.


9. Step – Get the information regarding the date of your medical treatment or surgery through e-mail.


10. Step – Take your X Visa for India (which is given in case of medical emergencies). Then you have to get your appointment with medical specialists of India approved and obtain your booking papers for the Indian hospital which are given for the quick clearance for your Visa of India.


11. Step – Now book the tickets to come to India. Give information to us regarding your timings of flight departure, international arrival and flight number. 


12. Step – Now after reaching India, you will be picked up by our hospital staff or some of our representative. Orientation of the city where your treatment is scheduled will be done, whether it is any hotel, guest house or service, will all come under us, so that you will be familiar with them beforehand.  


13. Step – Interaction with the specialists, treating doctors in the hospital, institution where your surgical treatment is scheduled to be done, medical surgery, medical treatment and then you can proceed for your particular medical treatment.


14. Step – When the treatment or surgical procedure is completed, your release from the hospital will be performed and you will obtain clearance along with the final bill. Further, if there is a need to stay in the hospital, it will be as per the suggestion of the doctor or the medical specialist who has treated you. Once full payment is cleared from the patient side, either you can go back home or can spend quality time in India exploring the beautiful destinations in the country, the choice is yours.


 15. Step –Take medications or instructions for general medicines, drugs etc., as told by your doctor or medical specialist. Then proceed with your post treatment follow up with your specialists through e-mail.



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