Why Choose Image-Guided Radiotherapy in India

Why Choose Image-Guided Radiotherapy in India

Image-guided radiotherapy is a ground-breaking innovative technique for cancer patients. Its high accuracy and precision rate is what makes it a better choice than any other imaging procedures used for cancer treatments such as electronic portal imaging and ultrasonogram. If you have been looking for a modern-day treatment for cancer or have been advised to go through image-guided radiotherapy, then India is the best choice. Here you get top-notch accredited healthcare amenities by highly qualified doctors at an unmatched cost!

What is Image-Guided Radiotherapy

Image Guided Radio-Therapy, usually known as IGRT, is based on the concept of taking an image of the tumor area. This gives the exact location of the problem area and helps the surgeons perform their task with much ease and more accuracy. The main tool designed for this technique is a kilo-voltage cone beam. It is used to provide a CT scan of tumor’s position.

Once the surgeon knows the exact position of the tumor through this image, radiations are directed simultaneously at the target area. As the name suggests, this radiotherapy is completely guided by the image. A major benefit of this image-guided system is that it ensures that no healthy tissues surrounding the cancerous cells get destroyed or even affected during the surgery. Radiations are administered direct at the tumor cells and kill them entirely.

Why India is a Preferred Destination?

The cost for medical care in India is very low as compared to the ones available in US or UK. You can save up to 70% on the entire medical cost if you opt for image-guided radiotherapy in India. India takes pride in its avant-garde medical centers that are equipped with the futuristic tools and employs highly-advanced, qualified and experienced doctors. The standards of medical care and expertise of leading Indian hospitals are a paradigm for others. Indian doctors are known world-wide for their experience and unsurpassed surgical skills. Get the best value for money and time by getting image-guided radiosurgery done in one of the leading hospitals of India.

iClinic Advantage

We understand that it is not easy to opt for a treatment like Image-guided radiotherapy away from your home. Therefore, we do every possible thing to ensure your comfort. You are escorted from the airport in an AC car with our executive and taken straight to your private room. All the formalities and documentation are taken care of in your room. From arranging pick-ups and drops for our patients 24x7, we are also available to hire cabs for internal transfers. Moreover, if required we can even arrange a wheelchair or ambulance within no time.

iClinic empowers you to choose for the best and affordable medical packages for yourself. We assist you throughout the process and we do not take any service charges for the same. You pay directly to the hospital where you get your treatment done.

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