India - The Perfect Destination for World-Class MRI-Guided Brain Tumor Surgery

India - The Perfect Destination for World-Class MRI-Guided Brain Tumor Surgery

MRI-guided brain tumor surgery is the new generation treatment for complete removal of brain tumor. Patients can take a huge sigh of relief with this latest technology that makes use of the most advanced brain suites. If you are looking to get rid of brain tumor through this latest technique, then iClinic helps you plan your treatment in the leading hospitals of India at no fee charges.

About MRI-Guided Brain Tumor Surgery

For MRI-guided brain tumor surgery, specially designed Brain suites are used. A high-intensity MRI scanner is fitted in this advanced Neuro-Surgical operating room. An image-guided surgical system is integrated with this scanner that enables the surgeons to have multiple MRI scans during the surgery. This intra-operative MRI helps in the complete excision of difficult and complex-to-access brain tumors. A surgeon can localize a lesion and figure out the size and exact shape of the tumor cells. Surgeons get a total control over the surgery as the computer traces the movements of the instrument being used. Real-time imaging provides additional benefit. During the surgery, they can even check whether the tumor has been removed as per the plan. This boosts the confidence of the surgeons as well as the patients.

Blessings of MRI-Guided Brain Tumor Surgery

There are numerous advantages of using MRI-guided brain tumor surgery as compared to the conventional surgeries. Unlike a conventional surgery, here the surgeon can have a clear and exact view of the tumor before starting the surgery. He can differentiate between tumor and normal brain, which ensures that normal brain tissues do not get affected. Complex cases and even inoperable tumors can be treated with this MRI-guided surgery. This also leads to lesser complications post procedure.

iClinic - A Name you Can Trust!

The foremost benefit of choosing iClinic for MRI-guided brain tumor surgery is the fact that you will get world-class medical treatment at avant-garde hospitals of India by the leading and internationally-recognized doctors. And all this comes at such an affordable price that you will find it impossible to believe. This technically advanced procedure costs you around $8000 to $8500 with iClinic in India, which is almost 70% less than what you can expect to pay for the same surgery in USA or UK.

Ensured Treatment, Quality Care, Best Services - IClinic Is There to Assist You

Apart from being affordable, iClinic gives you an edge over other hospitals. We understand the difficulty to coming all the way to India from your hometown to get your cancer treatment done. We ensure that our clients get through the entire process as smoothly as possible. Therefore, from your medical visa, airport pick up, stay in hospital, documentation, communication with your family, post-operative care, food service, to a pleasant and peaceful vacation in India after the surgery – we organize it all!

All you have to do is give us a call or write to us for more details! You can even send us your medical records, and we will arrange free-of-charge opinion from the most reputed doctors of India.

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