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Don't Let Your Pocket Stumble - Get the Best Deal for Your Medical Travel

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Radiofrequency Ablation for Tumor Removal and for Treatment of Liver Cancer

Radiofrequency ablation, commonly known as RFA, is a minimally invasive modern technology for liver cancer. It is also used for some cases of lung and kidney tumors. Electric needles are inserted through tiny punctures in the skin of the patient’s body. These needles are image-guided that enables the surgeon to take CT scans or ultrasound to know the exact location of the tumor. Once the needles reach the problem area, high frequency current is used to produce heat and thus kill the tumor cells. 

Positive Outcomes of RFA

RFA is an effective alternative for cancer patients who otherwise cannot be treated surgically. It is more helpful for the treatment of localized tumors. It is also beneficial for the patients who have undergone surgery once and the tumor has recurred or if the tumor has not responded to chemotherapy properly. Single ablation takes 10-30 minutes, and if someone needs multiple ablations, then treatment time can go up to 3 hours. This proven technology is less expensive and leads to quick recovery and can be repeated if required.

Do Measure Yourself If Benefits Outweigh the Risks

There are certain limitations of Radiofrequency ablation treatment. At present, the equipment used for RFA has a certain limitation to the size of tumor that can be treated successfully. Apart from that, it is unable to kill microscopic-sized tumor cells, and cannot guarantee that the cancerous cell won’t grow again.

What to Expect While Undergoing RFA?

Only a trained interventional radiologist is allowed to perform RFA in an interventional radiology suite. A sedation medicine is given to the patient before the treatment begins. A nurse sterilizes the area and covers it with surgical tape where the electrodes are to be inserted. Sometimes surgeons do make a nick in the skin for the easy passage of the RFA electrode. Then radiofrequency energy is used to generate heat that is capable of destroying the cancer cells. It also shuts the feeding blood vessels to make certain tumor cells do not get nutrition. Lastly, they remove the needles and apply pressure to stop bleeding. Generally RFA is an outpatient treatment. 

Indian Doctors will Paint Your Picture of Good Health

If you are looking for radiofrequency ablation for liver cancer or have been advised for this treatment, then India has many world-class hospitals for the same. The country is a host of internationally-acclaimed doctors who use Radiofrequency Ablation for tumors up to 3 cm in size only with good success rates.

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