Still Roaming in the Blind Corridor of Health Uncertainty - Get Helped by iClinic Experts!

Still Roaming in the Blind Corridor of Health Uncertainty - Get Helped by iClinic Experts!

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Linear Accelerator Therapy - The Most Affordable Tumor Treatment

Linear accelerator therapy is a high-precision radiosurgery. High-energy x-rays are employed in this therapy to kill the tumor cells. A LINAC device called the wave guide is used. Microwave technology is used to accelerate electrons in a part of this device. These accelerated electrons are directed towards a strong metal target, and these collisions lead to the generation of high-energy x-rays, which are further used to cure tumor patients.

The Known Benefits of This Most Advanced Futuristic Technique

  • The latest equipment being used for linear accelerator therapy is the Varian IX linear accelerator. It is used to perform the ultra-modern radiosurgery that is able to cure cancer from small targets in areas outside the head.  This image-guided accelerator uses x-ray and cone-beam CAT scan technology for real-time localization of tumor.
  • The foremost important benefit of linear accelerator therapy is that it causes least effect to healthy tissues and can target larger brain and body tumor cells. LINAC system is efficient to treat almost all body parts except the brain.
  • In some cases where cancer recurs, it is important before each treatment to find out the exact location of the cancerous cells. Linear accelerator therapy helps in locating that with high-precision. And this ultimately lessens the risk for healthy cells in the body from getting destroyed.

Soothing to Your Pocket Too

Linear Accelerator therapy costs roughly about $5500 in India, which is very less in comparison to the amount you need to pay for the same in UK or US. This is the top reason why people from all across the globe choose India for their medical treatment needs.

iClinic - Your Top Support for Choosing India as Your Medical Tourism Destination

Choosing a new country for your medical treatment is difficult and tiresome. We at iClinic understand the same and do our best to make the entire process comfortable. Right from arranging your medical visa to post-operative communication with your doctor once you reach back home – we take care of everything!

A Glance at Facilities That You May Avail at the Premium Indian Healthcare Centers:

  • Avail the services from one of the most intelligent, talented and experienced Oncologists (cancer specialists) here in India. They have a vast knowledge of working in extremely advanced American and European hospitals.
  • India takes pride in providing the best quality at all steps. Be it medicines, consumables, or drugs. India manufactures them at lowest possible costs, and we do export them to some of the globally acclaimed hospitals.
  • Being technically advanced, the Indian medical fraternity has made it possible to come up with the latest high-tech and avant-garde infrastructure. We have specially designed and highly equipped operating rooms such as Brain Suite and high-end technologies and equipment like Novalis TX, PET Scan, CyberKnife, Gamma Knife, IMRT and IGRT. This also ensures speedy diagnosis and a quick return to normal life.
  • India has always been known for its compassionate nature. Our nurses, physiotherapists, and customer care executives are well-versed with English language to make it easier for international clients.

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