Ensured Treatment for Breast Cancer in India

Ensured Treatment for Breast Cancer in India

Patients diagnosed with breast cancer do not have to suffer from the disease indefinitely anymore. iClinic gives an opportunity to get assured treatment for breast cancer in India within your budget. We ensure quality and affordability for our medical tourists and help them plan their medical visit to India without any trouble. We take care of all your bookings and appointments and guarantee that you go back to your home well-treated, safe and in good shape.

Finest Breast Cancer Treatments

Breast cancers are of different types and they require different treatments. Expert doctors perform proper diagnosis and tests to find out the extent and specific pattern of the disease. Once it is done, the surgeons come up with a treatment plan. There are many processes of breast cancer treatment and at times are used in combination for some patients. These are:

1. Surgery :

  • Breast Conservation Surgery – Axillary nodes are removed and only the breast lump is removed in this surgery to help the patient have an almost normal breast.
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy – Surgeons remove the entire breast along with axillary lymph nodes. Drains are placed in the body after the surgery, which are removed within 7-14 days depending on certain conditions. It takes two weeks to remove the stitches after this surgery.
  • MRM with Reconstruction – For patients who wish to have their breast reconstructed, a plastic surgery is done creating a breast similar to the original one.

2. Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy is required by most patients after the surgical treatment of breast cancer. Oncologists use a combination of drugs to destroy the cancer cells.

3. Radiation Therapy – Radiation therapy is a painless method that is used after breast conservation surgery and Mastectomy surgery. High energy X-rays to kill the cancer cells that exist even after the surgery.

4. Hormonal Therapy – Hormonal therapy is used to cure hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers. These receptors are like sensors on breast cells that take signals from hormones. This therapy is used in special cases to avoid risk of return of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer, and aid in shrinking metastatic hormone- receptor-positive breast cancers.

Find the Right Treatment at the Right Hospital

iClinic has a wide network of world-class cancer hospitals in India. These leading hospitals are not just geared with the futuristic technologies and novel equipment but also staffed with the best of oncologists and trained paramedical staff. Once you send us your medical reports, we get them reviewed by the experts and get proficient medical opinions for your specific breast cancer. Once this initial stage is done, we offer you the best of options available in India. A suspected breast cancer patient has to go through a complete medical evaluation. This includes clinical examination, breast mammogram, complete body PET CT, echo, blood tests, and CXR. These initial costs $1500 to $1800 for a 2 day hospital stay. The complete surgery for breast cancer can up to $4000 to $5000 inclusive of medicines, consumables, transportation, and hospital stay. 

Give us a call or email us your reports and our customer service executives are more than happy to help you round the clock!

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