Get Rid of Bone Cancer With iClinic

Get Rid of Bone Cancer With iClinic

We at iClinic help you choose the right treatment for bone cancer at one of the most reputed hospitals in India at an affordable cost. We take you through initial tests to know symptoms and diagnose the type of bone cancer. The three types of bone cancer – Osteosarcoma, Chondrosarcoma and Ewing's sarcoma are diagnosed with the aid of X-ray, biopsy or blood tests.

Treatment Options for Bone Cancer

  • Radiotherapy - Radiotherapy is used in almost 40% of cancer patients. High-energy beams are used to destroy cancer cells. Surgeons destroy the DNA inside the tumor cells and make them unable to reproduce. Radiotherapy is used for three reasons: for total cure by damaging the tumor, to relieve the patient from pain in advanced cases, and to eliminate tumor cells that are left after surgery.

  • Surgery - Surgery completely removes the bone cancer from the patient’s body. Surgeons do eliminate some of the surrounding muscle or bone, if required to ensure removal of approximately all cancerous tissues. However, if the surgery has to be performed on a limb, the surgeons try their best to preserve the limb and its functionality. In some cases, the removed bone is replaced by another from a different body part or from the tissue bank.

  • Chemotherapy – Anticancer drugs are used to kill tumor cells and patients are given a combination of these drugs. This treatment is not used for chondrosarcoma.

  • Cryosurgery – Liquid nitrogen is used to kill the cancer cells by freezing them. In some cases, this is a preferred treatment instead of conventional surgery to cure cancer patients.

The cost of bone cancer treatment is around $6500 to $7000 for 7-14 days stay in the hospital, which is comparatively low than the cost in leading hospitals of USA or Europe. Send us your initial medical reports to get a no-cost opinion for bone cancer treatment from superior Indian doctors.

Benefits of Traveling to India for Medical Treatment:

  • No waiting time
  • Cost saving
  • Skilled doctors
  • Latest technology
  • State-of-the-art medical amenities
  • World class hospitals
  • Trained nurses
  • Exceptional personal care
  • Tourism destination

How iClinic makes it Easy for You

Our motto is to give our customers the best advice to help them select the appropriate treatment, doctor and hospital for their treatment. Right from your first contact with us, we help you throughout the process. With immense compassion, dedication, and honesty, we care for our patients round the clock.

We make it easy for our medical tourists by providing the following services:

  • No-charge medical opinion
  • Treatment schedules
  • Correct medical procedure at distinguished hospital
  • Suitable guidance
  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Travel and accommodation bookings
  • Personalized medical care
  • Absolute ground assistance
  • Accurate cost estimates
  • Local transportation
  • Communication with family back home
  • Remote consultations with medical professionals after treatment

We are committed to provide what we promise and create a homely environment for our international guests as they get treated for their disease!

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