Complete Solution for Cervical Cancer at iClinic

Complete Solution for Cervical Cancer at iClinic

Are you looking for the right and high-quality treatment for cervical cancer? India is among the top destinations for medical tourists looking for cancer treatments. Quality, latest technologies, world-class doctors, cost-effective treatments, and the excellence of customer service are some of the reasons why you should come to India to get cured for cervical cancer. iClinic has affiliation with reputed cancer hospitals in India and we provide the complete solution for cervical cancer.  

Revolutionary Treatments for Cervical Cancer

Indian oncologists are trained and experienced with international protocols to treat cervical cancer. They make use of one or a blend of more than one of the following treatments depending upon specific requirements of the cancer patient:

  • Surgery

1.Laser: Laser beam of intense light is used to remove tumor.

2.LEEP: Loop electrosurgical excision procedure passes electrical current using a wire loop in order to cut the cervix from the diseased tissue.  

3.Conization: This is used for cone-shaped tissue from the patient’s cervical canal or cervix. A microscope is used by the pathologist to locate the tumor cells in the cervix.

4.Hysterectomy: In this treatment, the cervix and uterus are removed from the patient’s body. In some cases, it is essential to remove the pelvic lymph nodes and fallopian tubes.

5.Lymphadenectomy: The lymph nodes that drain the cervix are completely removed by the gyneconcologist.

  • Chemotherapy – Drugs are used in the process of chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells. They prevent tumor cells from multiplying. Chemotherapy is used to cure cervical cancer and at times along with radiation therapy to improve its effectiveness. The oncologist prescribes chemotherapy drugs keeping in mind the type of cervical cancer, the stage of cervical cancer and other medical factors of a patient.   
  • Radiotherapy – High energy beams are used to destroy cancer cells and decrease the tumor size. Radioactive materials are either inserted in the uterus of the patient or radiation therapy machines are used externally to use these beams. It is an effective treatment for cervical cancer that is used as a standalone treatment or along with chemotherapy.

Get Treated at Most Affordable High Quality Hospitals with iClinic

Our large network of state-of-the-art cancer hospitals – furnished with all the futuristic techniques and machines, and the finest doctors in the world give you an opportunity to choose a particular hospital for your specific requirements. We give you a plethora of options and guide you throughout as well to make the right choice at the most moderate cost. Cervical treatment costs about $5000 and the initial tests and medical evaluation takes 2 days costing around $1800. We understand the need and importance of information at every step for a medical tourist and our dedicated staff works 24x7 to provide the same. Medical visa, cancer treatment, excellent customer service, travel bookings, transportation, post-operative care, travel bookings and everything else required to get you completely cured from cervical cancer is available under one roof with iClinic.

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