Get iClinic Advantage to Fight Esophageal Cancer

Get iClinic Advantage to Fight Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer directly affects the working of the esophagus – a tube that carries food and water to your stomach. The two types of esophageal cancers are squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma. Different modalities are used to diagnose this cancer and there are different treatments for esophageal cancer. These are:

  • Surgery – The affected part of esophageal is removed along with diseased lymph nodes.

  • Chemotherapy – Drugs are used to destroy cancer cells. This stops their growth and ability to multiply.  

  • Radiation Therapy – High-energy rays kill cancer cells and this therapy is not harmful for healthy tissues. 

  • Photodynamic Therapy - Photosensitizing agent is used to destroy certain selected cells and this is followed by exposure to a special light to kill as much diseased tissues as possible.

How iClinic Works?

iClinic guides you in choosing the right doctors and hospitals at affordable cost. We follow a step-by-step procedure to help you get the best of medical service for to our international clients:

  • Initial Enquiry – Reach out to us through any medium – phone, email, or get a free quote form. We get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Follow-up – Our patient service executive will contact you with complete details regarding required pre-operative tests, available dates for treatment, and cost estimates etc. We will request you to send patient’s medical reports for the next step.

  • No-charge medical opinion and estimate – Once we get all your reports, we start working on finding the right hospital and doctor for you. We send them your reports to get expert opinion. We send you all the information and can also arrange for video calls with the doctor if required.

  • Scheduling Appointments ­– When you choose the hospital and doctor among the numerous options available with iClinic, we will make all the necessary arrangements. All the appointments will be made prior to your arrival in India.  

  • Arrival in India – Right from your passport, medical visa, to air tickets – we assist you throughout. Our representative will meet you at the airport to take you to the hospital.

  • Hospital Stay – We make arrangement for a private room in the hospital before your arrival. You will be directly taken to that room and all the formalities will be taken care there only.

  • Post Operation – Keeping in mind your requirements, budget, safety, and security we give you various options for hotels/guest houses where you will stay after your surgery. Post-operative visits to the hospital are required in some cases and a nearby accommodation makes it comfortable for you.

  • Departure – Our representative will accompany you till the airport and ensure that you have all your relevant medical reports, bills, and other documents.  

  • Aftercare – We understand that our responsibility doesn’t end with your departure from India. On returning to your country, if you wish to talk to your surgeon then we are here to arrange it for you. Our associates will also stay in touch with you to know if you are satisfied with everything.

At iClinic, we ensure absolute customer satisfaction by meeting all your needs in every sense.

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