Low Cost Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Low Cost Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

Have you been looking for low cost head and neck cancer treatment but unable to find one? India is the place for you. Indian hospitals have some of the most advanced surgical techniques for head and neck cancer. Not just the machines/equipment but they have appropriately skilled and experienced doctors to provide minimally invasive surgical surgeries. These treatments help in the removal of cancer cells that are residing near sensory and physical functioning structures.

These surgeries are:

  • Endoscopic Laser Surgery – An endoscope, a thin tube, is inserted into the patient’s throat through the mouth. A laser is attached to it that removes the tumor. This surgery is effective when tumor is in the voice box or throat and it does not affect patient’s speech or swallowing ability.
  • Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Thyroidectomy – An endoscope is used in MIVAT and it is attached to a small video camera. This helps the surgeon to make a small incision and with its aid remove thyroid tumor.
  • Robotic Surgery – Tiny robotic arms are used in a robotic surgery to ensure utmost precision during the surgery. No big incisions are required in such a surgery and it can be used to get rid of tumors or the tonsils and tongue.

Cost in India

Millions of people prefer to opt for medical travel when it comes to getting the right treatment for their disease. The latest minimally invasive surgical treatment for head and neck cancer are quite expensive in US, UK or European countries and there is a good amount of waiting to get appointment. Paradoxically, the cost of these surgeries at one of the most modernistic hospitals of India is quite less. It costs about $5500 to $7000 here that includes a 7 day stay in the hospital. Moreover, this cost is inclusive of your airport pick-up and drop, surgeon fee, medicines, nursing care, consumables, food, and a private room where an attendant of yours can also stay.

Get the iClinic Advantage

The iClinic staff works dedicatedly and constantly to help you choose the best doctor and hospital for treatment of head and neck cancer. We assist you throughout the process right from your initial contact with us. We not just help and guide you in getting your medical visa and air tickets but also make all required arrangements prior to your arrival in India. Once you send us your medical reports, we will provide you with a medical opinion and numerous choices to help you choose the right cancer treatment. We ensure you do not have to waste any unnecessary time waiting and thus we schedule everything in advance.

iClinic understands the importance of recovery time. Being one of the favorite tourist destinations of the world, India has a lot to explore. If you wish to do that in your recovery period, we will be more than happy to make the arrangements at economical price.

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