Find Leukemia Treatments at World-Class Hospitals in India

Find Leukemia Treatments at World-Class Hospitals in India

Leukemia is one of the most common cancers in children. And almost 90% of leukemia cases are found in adults. It is a group of cancers that initiate in the bone marrow. This yields in production of numerous abnormal white blood cells called leukemia cells. These cells develop faster as compared to the normal blood cells and cause problem. Leukemia is diagnosed with the help of blood tests, spinal tap, cytogenetics, bone marrow biopsy, or chest x-ray. The two types of leukemia are chronic leukemia and acute leukemia.

Leukemia treatment involves a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Chemotherapy – Oncologists use chemotherapy drugs by either injection or pills. They stop the cancer cells to grow and spread any further. But chemotherapy harms healthy cells too.
  • Radiation Therapy – It makes use of high dose of radiation to kill tumor cells. It is used in cases where leukemia has spread to the patient’s spinal cord and brain.   
  • Stem Cell Transplant – High dosage of radiation, drugs, or both are used in stem cell transplant. However, high doses kill both leukemia as well as healthy blood cells.  
  • Biological Therapy – It uses patient’s immune system to cure leukemia. Natural body substances are used to boost the immune system.
  • Targeted Therapy – Drugs hit the target area without affecting normal blood cells.

India offers Guaranteed Cure for Leukemia

India takes pride in some of the best cancer hospitals that are furnished with futuristic technology and ultra modern treatments for leukemia. They offer complete cancer treatment including cancer screening, cancer diagnosis, medical oncology, surgery, and radiation therapy. Depending upon individual requirements and physical conditions, the best plausible treatment is recommended. Availability of highly advanced technology ensures proper diagnosis and right treatment with high precision, less pain, quick recovery, and reduced cost.

Oncologists working in the renowned hospitals of India are not just trained but also have hands-on experience of working in different parts of the world. Moreover, with an aim to give the best to international clients, these hospitals have extremely trained paramedical staff and nurses. Cancer patients need more than medical care; personal care. And Indian hospitals have just the right compassionate staff to provide a homely environment to these patients to help them recover fast.

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