Why Get Liver Cancer Treatment in India

Why Get Liver Cancer Treatment in India

Liver cancer directly affects the normal functioning of a liver. Primary liver cancer is the one that begins in the liver and secondary is that starts in any other part and spreads to the liver. Liver cancer can be cured by surgery (partial hepatectomy and liver transplant), chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Indian medical tourism has made it possible for people across the world to come to India to get liver cancer treatment by excellent doctors at avant-garde hospitals at rock-bottom prices. Here are some other reasons why you should choose India for your liver cancer treatment:

  • Accredited Hospitals: India’s finest hospitals are accredited by NABH and JCI. The infrastructure of these hospitals is designed keeping in mind the utmost comfort for international patients. These are furnished with latest equipment, ultra-modern technology, comfortable rooms, hygienic cafeteria, and all other necessary amenities. They give importance to patient’s privacy and safety and hospital cleanliness and infection control.
  • Modernistic Technology – Top-notch hospitals of our network have invested in highly-developed medical technologies and equipment. This enables the patients to have quick recovery and lesser stay in the hospital. All the latest machines are acquired from some of the chief medical devices manufacturing companies in the world.
  • No Waiting Time – In many developed countries, patients have to wait for a long time to get appointments for liver cancer treatment. However, you do not have to wait in India to get rid of liver cancer.
  • Huge Cost Savings – A major benefit of getting liver cancer treatment in India is that you make a huge cost savings here. It is 40% to 70% less than the cost in UK or US. Liver cancer treatment costs about $8000-$12000 that is inclusive of 14-21 hospital stay.
  • Trained Staff – Leading hospitals hire extremely qualified, trained, and experienced staff – doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff. Some of the staff members even have experience of working with international hospitals.
  • No Language Barriers – The staff at Indian hospital is very aware of the fact that they will be serving international clients too. They are well-versed with English language. Also, if you are comfortable with English then they can even arrange for interpreters for French, Russian, or Arabic.
  • Flight Connectivity – India is one of the most looked upon tourist destinations. We have come up with easy and economical flights to almost anywhere in the world. And our airports have all the modern amenities.  
  • Personalized Customer Service – The staff at Indian hospitals is highly compassionate and they give individual attention to each patient. With iClinic, you get personalized customer service right from your arrival at the Indian airport. Our representative will assist you in every step.

iClinic gives you a platform to get in contact with leading cancer hospitals of India. We have a dedicated team who work relentlessly to help you choose the right doctor at the right hospital. We have years of experience of the Indian Healthcare industry and that gives our customer a cutting edge advantage. Our knowledge and vast network gives you the freedom of choice to get the most suitable medical treatment at most affordable cost.

We work to make your medical travel a success at no additional cost!

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