Eliminate Oral Cancer from your Life through iClinic

Eliminate Oral Cancer from your Life through iClinic

Oral cancer is something that leaves you feeling scared and confused. It brings in a lot of concerns with itself. Cancer treatment is considered an expensive affair, and it is confusing and tedious to find out the right doctor at the right hospital for one’s treatment. Many people do not get answers for these concerns and are unable to get rid of cancer. With iClinic, you do not have to do that anymore. We help you eliminate oral cancer from your life at an affordable cost. Let’s see how!

What is Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer refers to the cancer of the mouth. People suffering from oral cancer can have cancer cells at any part of the mouth – gums, tongue, lips, cheek, tonsils, or salivary glands. People who indulge in smoking, eating tobacco or drinking alcohol are more prone to oral cancer. Even regular exposure to the sun can lead to lip cancer.

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are common treatments for oral cancer. In certain cases, a combination of more than one treatment is used for better outcomes. Advancement in technology has enabled surgeons to perform various types of surgeries depending upon the requirements. Small tumors can be removed through a minor surgery. In case where tumor cells have spread to patient’s neck, it becomes essential to remove the lymph nodes of the neck along with some surrounding healthy issues.

Reconstructive surgery is performed to reconstruct the mouth after an operation, if required. Maxillectomy is used to remove the hard palate when it gets affected by the cancer cells. Laryngectomy is the surgery when surgeons remove the voice box (larynx). In some cases, removal of tumors can lead to lung infection and to avoid that laryngectomy is used. Tracheostomy is another surgery used to fight oral cancer in cases where patients suffer from swelling in oral cavity following a surgical operation.

Why iClinic in India should be your Preferred Healthcare Escort?

With world-class hospitals of India, now, you can get highly advanced treatment for oral cancer at a moderate cost. iClinic gives you a platform to connect to leading cancer hospitals and use our staff’s enriching experience and knowledge to find the appropriate treatment. Our staff has been dealing with international clients for years and they are well-aware of their requirements. The cost of oral cancer treatment is about $4500 to $8000 inclusive of your stay at the hospital for 7 days.  

You can start your fight against oral cancer with a simple step. Write to us with your medical reports and our customer experts will arrange expert medical opinions for your case. We get the most affordable cost estimates for your treatment from various different leading cancer hospitals in India. Thus, you get various options to choose from and our assistants guide you throughout to make the best possible choice. Also, with iClinic you get guidance and assistance all through your medical travel to make it a grand success!

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