Cost-effective Treatments for Ovarian Cancer at Indian Hospitals

Cost-effective Treatments for Ovarian Cancer at Indian Hospitals

Ovarian cancer is one of the uncommon cancers but it is one of the most fatal among the gynecological cancers. It is often known as “silent killers” because it does not have many symptoms and thus does not get diagnosed easily. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are mostly mistaken for common medical conditions and this is why 75% of this cancer gets detected only when it has spread to the abdomen. A bitter pill to swallow is that treatment of ovarian cancer is quite expensive especially in American and European countries.

On the contrary, ovarian cancer can be treated at an economical cost in the state-of-the-art hospitals of India which have trained, skilled and experienced oncologists. Various kinds of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are some of the treatment options for ovarian cancer. Depending upon the stage of the cancer and medical conditions of the patient, oncologists suggest any one or more of these treatments for complete cure.

Laparoscopic Procedure: Advanced Ovarian Cancer Surgery in India 


Leading cancer centers of India boast of having the necessary equipment and trained doctors to perform world’s highly advanced minimally invasive surgery for treating ovarian cancer. This is a preferred treatment for early stage of ovarian cancer. If the cancer is limited to the ovary then surgeons recommend this surgery that enables them for tumor removal. A thin tube called laparoscope fitted with a camera is used to get a magnified image of the affected area.

Benefits of laparoscopic surgery are:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Lesser pain
  • Reduced infection risk
  • Lesser hospital stay
  • Quicker Recovery

Explore affordable options with iClinic

iClinic takes pride in its large network of leading hospitals in India that specialize in cancer treatments. It is not easy to digest the fact that you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and on top of that coming to a strange country to get treated is another burden. We understand your situation and therefore our compassionate staff works towards your satisfaction and comfort. We ensure that you stay connected to your family back in your country. We keep your family updated about the progress in your treatment at every step. Continuity of care even when you reach home is our USP and we know it improves your recovery.

iClinic not just provides affordable options for ovarian cancer treatment but it also provides affordable options for safe and comfortable stay, transit, holiday, and after care. Our executives meet you once you arrive at Indian airport and they accompany you till the airport on your way back home once you get back in shape. Our medical tourism staff is there to fulfill all your holiday wishes – providing information regarding tourist destinations, shopping tours, day sightseeing and making arrangements for the same. We aim and work to ensure you have a successful medical travel to India!

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