Pancreatic Cancer: High-Quality Treatment at Very Affordable Cost

Pancreatic Cancer: High-Quality Treatment at Very Affordable Cost

Are you looking for affordable high-quality treatment for pancreatic cancer? Have you found that it is difficult to find the right doctor? Do you think it is an over-expensive treatment that is beyond your budget? Indian medical tourism gives you the freedom of choice to choose from numerous options of world-class healthcare centers in India.

Pancreatic Cancer

When cancer cells form in the pancreas of a patient, it is known as pancreatic cancer. Pancreas is responsible for the production of digestive hormones and juices for the proper functioning of the human body. Small tumor cells in pancreas are often hard to diagnose as they do not cause any major symptoms. But when cancer grows, it leads to certain symptoms such as weight loss, weakness, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, enlarged gallbladder, enlarged liver etc.

Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer

  • Surgery: Surgery is performed when it is possible to completely remove the pancreatic cancer. A part or complete pancreas is removed in this surgery. The major surgical processes are distal, central and total pancreatectomy, and Whipple procedure.  
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy involves usage of strong drugs to destroy tumor cells of the pancreas.  
  • Laparoscopy: Surgeons perform laparoscopy to find out for metastasis to other organs.
  • Radiation Therapy: It is a local treatment that uses high density rays to kill only cancer cells.

Cost in India

Unlike the expensive hospitals of US or UK, the hospitals in India offer cancer treatments at a much cost-effective price. In India, treatment for pancreatic cancer costs about $8000 to $12000 that includes patient’s stay in the hospital for 14-21 days. This cost is also inclusive of medicines, food, nursing care, consumables, surgeon fee, and ac transportation to and from airport.

iClinic: A Beacon of Hope

It takes highly-advanced equipment and techniques to diagnose pancreatic cancer. iClinic is associated with such Indian hospitals that have ultra modern facilities for cancer patients. Pancreatic cancer can be diagnosed through ultrasound, computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, endoluminal ultrasonography, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, laparoscopy, or biopsy.

iClinic offers innovative solutions, latest technology, and responsive and efficient people. We know there are numerous concerns, fears, and anxieties when one has to come to a country far away from one’s home. iClinic acts as a complete suite for your medical travel. Our focus is on quality, customer and people. We keep on improving our performance by providing improved customer satisfaction through empowering our people.  

iClinic advantage ensures that there is zero waiting time for cost-effective treatments at futuristic hospitals in India. We get expert opinion on your medical reports within 24-48 hours. We are affiliated to top-most hospitals in India that follow international protocols. Moreover, we also reach out to our international patients to assist in non-medical aspects and make their stay comfortable in India. And the best part is that we do not charge any fee for our services!

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