Get Rid of Prostate Cancer with iClinic

Get Rid of Prostate Cancer with iClinic

iClinic enables you to find the right tools to get rid of prostate cancer. Through iClinic you get access to abundant of world-class highly-advanced internationally recognized hospitals in India. We have a wide network of cancer centers in India that follow international protocols. These healthcare centers are equipped with the latest techniques and they take pride in their highly-qualified and veteran staff.

Prostate Cancer: Latest Treatments at Avant-Garde Indian Hospitals

Enlarged prostate cancer is treated with the help of laser surgery, radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, external beam radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and radiotherapy. However, with the highly-advanced technology available in the healthcare industry Indian oncologists prefer the following two treatments to treat prostate cancer:

  • Robotic Surgery: Robotic surgery for prostate cancer makes use of advanced robotic technique and a highly advanced robotic system called da Vinci master slave robot system. Surgeon works on a computer console and microsurgical instruments on the robotic arms perform the actual surgery on the patient’s body. Surgeons get a balancing control over the surgery with this process. Scaling of movement, precision, accuracy, 3-D vision, wristed instrumentation, minimized side effects, and quick return to normal life.
  • HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer: HIFU treatment is a minimally invasive prostate cancer procedure. This therapy uses high-frequency focused ultrasound energy to destroy tumor cells by eating them up. Surgeons prefer HIFU over other surgical treatments because it causes quick recovery, minimal morbidity, no radiation, and no blood loss. It is done on outpatient basis.

How Indian Medical Tourism Helps?

Statistics reveal that India is among the top five spots for medical tourists all across the globe. In 2012 only, almost 166,000 medical tourists came to India for treatment. India is gradually becoming a major hub for medical facilities. Huge cost savings is the main reason why people prefer to come to India. The cost of chronic treatments in India is almost 70% less than what it costs in America and other developed countries. Indian hospitals are certified by leading national and international organizations and they follow international standards for their treatments. They are a pool of latest medical amenities and trained and skilled staff. Another major reason is the success rate of treatments performed at Indian hospitals.

To further promote Indian medical tourism eye-catching travel packages are available for medical tourists. Flight connectivity to major countries in the world has been increased to endorse medical tourism. There is no barrier of language so international clients do not have to face any language problem. iClinic staff assists you throughout the process – right from applying for the medical visa to arranging tour packages for your travel.  

You can start your treatment by just sending us your medical reports. Our customer service staff works round the clock and they will get back to you in 24-48 hours with detailed information about your treatment options and cost estimates!

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