Cure for Sure for Stomach Cancer at a Bare Minimum Cost in India

Cure for Sure for Stomach Cancer at a Bare Minimum Cost in India

Are you confused and not sure which doctor and hospital to choose to get cured of this cancer? Do you have concerns like – where to start, what documents are required, how to arrange Visa and tickets, what is the cost of treatment, what is medical tourism, how to find a good doctor away from your country? iClinic is here to help you locate the best plausible treatment for stomach cancer at minimal cost in India. We constantly endeavor to solve all your concerns within no time.

Stomach Cancer - What is it?

Stomach cancer is a malignant tumor that begins from the stomach lining of the patient. It is also known as gastric cancer. Another type of cancer is where cells start growing in the mucus-producing cells on the inner part of the stomach lining and this is called adenocarcinoma. Stomach cancer can lead to discomfort in abdomen, vomiting, blood in stool, weight loss, and pain after eating. Different techniques are used to diagnose stomach cancer such as blood chemistry studies, physical examination, upper endoscopy, barium swallow, biopsy, and CT scan.

Revolutionary Answer to Stomach Cancer

The medical sciences have come up with a highly advanced Laparoscopic Gastrectomy to cure stomach cancer and it’s now available with the leading Indian cancer centers. This surgery, also known as keyhole surgery, is minimal invasive requiring a small incision to insert an instrument called laparoscope. A fibre optic camera is fitted to laparoscope enabling the surgeon to see inside the body on a video screen. Some times more than one incision is required but still this surgery is preferred for being less traumatic than conventional surgeries.

Why Medical Tourism in India with iClinic?

Medical tourism in India is a growing concept and it is opening up viable options for thousands of patients across the world to find economical treatments for chronic diseases like stomach cancer. iClinic helps you make the most of Indian medical facilities and here are some benefits of planning a medical travel to India through iClinic for stomach cancer:

  • The cost of curing stomach cancer with the least possible incisions through the latest technology is almost one tenth of the cost in US or UK hospitals. It costs around $8000 to $12000 in India including a 14-21 day stay in the hospital.
  • The state-of-the-art infrastructure of internationally accredited and recognized hospitals enables you to get the best value for your time and money. These hospitals are well-equipped with latest techniques and instruments, and are designed taking into consideration special needs of international clients.
  • Coming to India gives medical tourists a dual advantage as they get a chance to explore one of the hot-destinations of the world.
  • You can get benefitted further by iClinic’s vast experience, knowledge, and wide network of hospitals at no extra cost.

We work towards providing complete wellness and comfortable journey to our customers by being available for them round the clock and providing assistance at every step!

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