Breast Lift – Shaping Your Look, Enhancing Your Confidence!

Breast Lift – Shaping Your Look, Enhancing Your Confidence!

Mastopexy, a term used for Breast lift holds up the breasts by removal of excess skin and tightening of tissues to give it the perfect shape. It reduces the amount of unwanted skin to provide firmness to your breasts. The surgery takes around 3-4 hours; the main procedure is to give shape to your sagging breasts. Before performing this surgery, your surgeon may take an x-ray of the breasts. You need to follow the instructions for your eating and drinking habits or avoid certain medications.

Life Lifting Approach

  • The focus of this surgery is on elevating the breasts
  • It lifts up the breasts by restoring their firmness
  • Women usually often opt for this surgery after feeding their child in order to make their breasts regain their original form
  • Sometimes, hormonal changes can lead to sagging of breasts in women, but this problem is also found in growing women whose breasts are not proportional and large in size.

Tour to India – Increase Your Health Quotient!

The current economic scenario in India has led to a boom in medical infrastructure that is at par when compared to medical facilities in western nations. Many physicians have returned back to India from U.S and U.K to aid in the development of medical care all over the country.  The emerging medical tourism should be tapped by agents who handle holiday packages and tourism needs. Most people are now considering India to be an attractive option for both medical as well as tourism. Encountering the cost of Breast Lift, this surgery is cost effective in India than it is in other nations. Breast lift surgery in India ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 varying upon the expertise of surgeons. On the contrary, the cost of breast lift in other nations is far expensive and starts from 2550 USD approximately.  You can not only get the expert attention for the treatment but also get to explore India’s travel destinations after you are fit.

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