Look Younger with Facelift Surgery – Revamp Your Look to Make Heads Turn!

Look Younger with Facelift Surgery – Revamp Your Look to Make Heads Turn!

Facelift Surgery: An Introduction

A facelift surgery, technically known as rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgical process that recovers visible signs of aging on the face to lift and enhance your facial beauty. The damage done to the contours on your face can be due to various reasons like environmental causes, stress or heredity. Rejuvenation of the face can be performed, which is used to get rid of sagging and is performed for the enhancement and redevelopment of ageing eyes. A face lifting surgery can last from 2- 5 hours. Face lifting results in formation of smoother skin and a youthful appearance.

Recover Your Lost Beauty

  • Facelift helps in giving your face a young and attractive look
  • Time taken for recovery is usually a week
  • Results last for approximately ten years
  • Tightens loose and sagged skin
  • Improves facial contours and builds up a confident attitude

Facelift Processes for a Younger Look

  • The Traditional Facelift: In this process, facelift incision starts with the hairline and comes down to the lower scalp. Repositioning and reshaping of tissues takes place and the lifting is executed. The rooted tissues of the face undergo tightening and removal of excess skin is then carried out.
  • New Surgical Technique: With the advancement in the field of technology, the process of face lifting has also undergone changes. The procedures can now be performed using laser treatments, face-lifting Endoscopy and Liposuction.

Cost-Effective Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Options in India – Save a Penny, Earn Many

India is currently competing for the 4th and 5th position in the list of first five global destinations for medical tourism. India is catering to extensive hand-picked clinics and providing expert treatment in a cost-effective manner. An increase in the number of people has been found who are willing to have cosmetic surgeries in India.  Many popular procedures including eyelid surgery and facelifts have seen growing demands and patients also have a supplementary benefit to extend their medical stay in the relaxed Indian environment and spend time with leisure. High cost of cosmetic surgeries like facelift is higher in other nations than it is in India. The statistics show that the facelift surgery starts at Rs. 1 lakh and can go further up to Rs. 2 lakh, while in other parts of the country, the approximate cost of facelift surgery is around 3410 EUR and 2760 GBP in Europe and United Kingdom respectively.

Mitigating Your Pain and Considering Your Gain!

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