Cochlear Implant in India – Quality Treatments That Are Affordable and Every Bit Curable!

Cochlear Implant in India – Quality Treatments That Are Affordable and Every Bit Curable!

What Is It?

Also known as Bionic ear, it is basically the process of putting an electronic device surgically inside so that it provides the patient who is deaf or has a hard time hearing, with a sense of sound. The implant has 2 parts:

  1. Internal: An RSS (Receiver stimulating system) is fixed to the skull on the rear side of the ear with electrodes being inserted into the cochlea.
  2. External Part: The external part is made up of a transmitter, a microphone and a speech processor.

What Is the Outcome of the Surgery?

The implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve and in the process by-passes the portions of the ear that are damaged. The signals that are created by the implants reach the brain via the auditory nerve which recognizes it as sound. Cochlear implant is not the same as normal hearing and it takes time to get accustomed to it. It can help many people to identify warning signals and have conversations on the telephone or face-to-face and enjoy music. This is pretty exciting and promising for a lot of patients.

What Has India in Store for the Medical Tourist?

There are many reasons as to why India should be your obvious destination for this surgery. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Indian doctors have received global recognition for their expertise and knowledge in this area. 
  • The technology used here is latest and in line with some of the best hospitals in the world.
  • Doctors, nurses and the entire medical staff here is proficient in speaking and understanding English fluently. This means you can put across your point of view without needing any translator. However, if at all you need one, a translator can be made available easily.
  • Hospitals are equipped with the best of the facilities and amenities that one needs.
  • The cost of the surgery in India is around $5000-$6000, which is very less as compared to what it might cost you in the Middle East or the US. This cost includes pre-surgery tests, surgery, work up and stay at the hospital for 2 nights, nursing care, medicines and airport transfers. However, the cost may increase depending on the type of implant you select and the package you want.
  • There is practically no waiting time which means the appointments and the surgery can be done as quickly as you want.
  • India is rich in culture and heritage with dozens of tourist attractions. You could also visit some places and take a small vacation with your loved ones.

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You may approach iClinic Healthcare to get any required information on the surgery and the costs involved. We provide you with many online facilities like chatting with medical specialists, evaluating your symptoms through the symptom checker, reading articles and blogs written by patients on their disease recovery journey and a lot more. Further, we also give assistance to medical tourists who come here to help them avail advantages of the world class facilities available here in India.

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