Cardiac Bypass and Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

Cardiac Bypass and Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

India has risen in prominence for its expertise in providing best treatment options for heart-related ailments. It has been acknowledged worldwide that India is a centre of excellence in delivering best medical treatment when it comes to heart surgery, thanks to modern infrastructure and clinical expertise of its world renowned doctors.

High Success Rates in India

Leading medical institutions and hospitals in India have a success rate of 99.5% in performing cardiac bypass and heart valve replacement surgery at a very affordable cost as against any facilities and hospitals in other parts of the world.

Benefits Of Getting Treated In India

  • Besides infrastructure, its eminent cardiologists and surgeons make India as the most sought after destination for medical tourism from Middle East and Asian countries, providing a very compressive and multidisciplinary healthcare treatment and support to those having heart diseases.

  • The high success rate, highly acclaimed surgeons apart from supportive climate and cost-effective medical tour packages have put India in the world map of a land with most looked after centre for medical tourism the US and the UK.

  • Among all other factors, the cost for cardiac bypass and heart valve replacement in India is the lowest internationally. As per comparison, one can save up to 90% on the cost of the heart treatment in India than in the UK and the US. The treatment in the country is also much cheaper than in Singapore and Thailand which attract medical tourists as well.

Advantages of having heart treatment in India include:

  • Success rate of 99-99.5%
  • Outstanding quality of medical professionals
  • English speaking staff coordinating well with outstation patients
  • World-class laboratory for diagnosing heart diseases, advanced monitoring devices, and world-class operation theatres
  • Less time in conducting operation and easy recovery
  • Low accommodation costs and better climate
  • Best hospitals with highly supportive medical staff

These advantages have seen India as the fastest growing country in recent past for medical tourism and marking higher footfalls of patients seeking treatment in the country. One can get customised packages for medical tourism if they are looking for cardiac bypass and heart valve replacement surgery in India.

iClinic Healthcare, a 24x7 online medical service provider, is a leading deal breaker for patients from Asian and Middle Eastern countries desiring to visit India for medical treatment in the country. One can get online consultation with prominent doctors in India and can enquire about best medical institutions providing best service in heart treatment by registering on its platform. iClinic has tied up with health professionals and hospitals across the world and acts as a facilitator to medical tourists for best medical package in the country.

The rising footfalls of medical tourist is a testimony of the world class, modern, efficient and cost-effective heart surgery in the country which has been practising in the heart treatment since 1940.

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