Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgery

Cardiac Valve Replacement Surgery

Cardiac valve replacement surgery replaces or repairs heart valves that are damaged and diseased. The surgery is aimed at treating most damaged aortic valves and mitral valves. The surgery is beneficial for the treatment of life-threatening valve disease. Sometimes, patients may require multiple replacement treatment owing to damage of several heart valves. The treatment requires high precision on the part of the doctors and surgeons. Above all what is most essential is that patient should be at right environment and opt for right place of treatment that is equipped with modern operation theaters and most advanced technologies. The most intricate part of the body requires delicate care at the hands of the medical staff who is expert in the field of heart surgery. One prime concern for many of the patients is the cost of the treatment that is usually high in most western countries.

India is Emerging as the Healthcare Leader

For those looking for a comparatively cheaper rate of treatment from renouned doctors, India is the reliable option for a better treatment. For the past few years India has marked a significant presence of medical tourists seeking heart surgery, thanks to the presence of highly recognized doctors and experts doing remarkable work and performing at a very superior level in the valve replacement surgery.

Moving Northward

The country has got a major leg up in tourists flocking to its geography for seeking medical treatment. Among various other medical services and treatments, India also specializes in providing quality care in heart surgery. According to a report, the country is set to see a rising demand from Asian and Middle East countries for treatment packages in India. There are several reasons behind India, among other nations, emerging as the land of high aspiration for patients requiring critical and unparalleled care with regard to heart. These include:

  • A battery of highly skilled medical professionals
  • Doctors are highly acknowledged world over for delivering best results in less time
  • Leading health centers and hospitals
  • Better platform for accessing medical services without any hurdle
  • Medical staff well-versed in medical terminologies and comfortable in English language
  • Modern devices, equipment, and advanced operation theatres
  • Cost effective treatment as compared to what is available in the US and the UK. One can save about 50% to 90% of cost that is being charged in the western countries
  • Success rate is of 99.5 per cent

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