Interventional Cardiology, Angioplasty in India - Painstaking Efforts to Relieve Your Pain!

Interventional Cardiology, Angioplasty in India - Painstaking Efforts to Relieve Your Pain!

Interventional cardiology experts perform angioplasty for the treatment of heart diseases that are caused due to the blockage or narrowing of coronary arteries. Heart muscles get the supply of blood from these arteries. A blockage is developed on coronary arteries due to the accumulation of plaque that lead to obstruction in the process of blood supply to the heart muscles. The disease caused is termed as coronary artery disease. The procedure of angioplasty aims to restore the flow of blood supply through the arteries by removing the substances/plaques causing the blockage. The procedure takes about two hours. However, the procedure is very sophisticated and requires the expertise of an interventional cardiologist in specially designed laboratory known as cath lab for the procedure to be performed.

India - A Medical Hub & Miracle Destination!

  • Cost-Effective and Highly Affordable - As it sounds, the treatment for restoring the supply of blood requires expert hands to perform the surgery. India, with its vast pool of cardiologists specialising in heart surgery, and the low cost of treatment than any other western countries or developed countries, catches the attention of patients from the Middle East and Asian countries who are looking to travel abroad for availing cost-effective treatment from doctors of high caliber.
  • The Land of High Expectations! - In recent years, the country has seen significant rise in medical tourists visiting India for having a specialised heart surgery. India has been termed as a land of high expectation among people looking for treatment of heart ailments. It has set a high benchmark in conducting rare heart surgeries, and has emerged as a ray of hope for patients seeking urgent treatment.
  • The Most Modern Labs All Equipped with Latest Technology! - It has been widely acknowledged that India has an excellent pool of interventional cardiologists performing better than their western counterparts in advanced laboratory settings thoroughly equipped with modern interfaces and facilities.
  • The Center for Excellence - Among other factors, India has many recognised hospitals offering such advanced treatments. You can avail the best medical touring packages in India if you wish to seek these most advanced treatment options in the country. As compared to western countries and other developing nations, that also attract medical tourists, India has an edge for better accommodation facilities and specialised treatment centers at about half the cost prevalent in other nations.
  • Surpassing the Language Barrier - Besides, communication is not an issue at all for medical tourists in the country as the staff here is trained in medical terminologies and can better coordinate with patients in English language.
  • A Comprehensive Healthcare Suite - India has been placed at a higher pedestal of countries for glittering hopes as far as heart treatment is concerned. More than medical attention, hospitals providing heart surgery treatment take full care of the patients and provide other support for easy recovery.

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