Pacemaker Implantation in India - Believe in the Belief of Best Treatments!

Pacemaker Implantation in India - Believe in the Belief of Best Treatments!

Pacemaker is a life-saving device for those having issues related to heart rhythm. The device is placed near the heart to control the heartbeat. It is implanted as a part of surgical treatment for heart surgery. For a number of reasons, people may require a pacemaker, more specifically due to arrhythmias. Heart rate may be disrupted due to aging of the heart forcing it to beat slowly. Another cause of the abnormality of the heartbeat is heart attack causing damage to the heart muscles. Besides, normal heart beating can also be affected due to some medications. A pacemaker can fix the abnormality regardless of the factors causing the heart to beat slowly. The disorder of the heart rhythm can cause problem ranging from palpitations to abrupt death. Pacemaker implantation can be done through a minor surgery. It is implanted in the chest. One has to be very careful in day-to-day life after the pacemaker implantation. It must be noted that the implantation of the pacemaker can be done very quickly and does not necessarily need an open-heart surgery. Patient can go home after surgery within a day’s time. However, it requires specialised set of skills and expertise on the part of the specialist doctors and examiners attending the patients and performing the surgery.

Destination India!

Heart surgery and pacemaker implantation are the most common procedures that have seen many people from Middle East and Asian countries to visit India for a successful and cost-effective management of their heart condition. There has been a wide upsurge in medical tourism in India with patients opting for it given the countries huge wealth of excellent cardiologists and surgeons performing unparalleled heart surgeries to any other western nation, specifically the US and UK. India offers a multitude of incentives to medical tourists. It ranges from easy travel to best medical treatment to advanced medical equipment to low-cost of surgery at the hands of eminent cardiologists. India offers a very conducive environment to heart patients requiring pacemaker implantation as the leading hospitals here have the latest and most modern equipment in place for performing it and provide best care post-surgery. It has been even possible to leave the theater after surgery in a span of as recent as 24 hours, thanks to enriched techniques of surgery being employed here.

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