Robotic Heart Surgery in India - Get Over the Worst with Comprehensive Assistance

Robotic Heart Surgery in India - Get Over the Worst with Comprehensive Assistance

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Robotic heart surgery is conducted in cases related to treating heart ailments like heart defect, valve surgery, heart tissue ablation, tumour removal and artery bypass.  The surgery is performed via a tiny chest incision. With the aid of robotic devices and tiny equipment, cardiologists have succeeded in performing heart surgery that is less invasive as compared to conventional ways of treating it, which were very complex. The procedure of performing heart surgery through robotic devices is also popularly called as da Vinci surgery, named after manufacturer of the robot. The ultimate benefit of the cardiac surgery through robotic mechanism is that it is done through a tiny nick on chest, which takes significantly less time in healing and ensures easy recovery.

The Robotic Heart Surgery Is Used to:

  • Repair atrial fibrillation
  • Get rid of heart tumour
  • Repair congenital heart defect
  • Replace leaky heart valves for recuperating their standard function
  • Repair stiff heart valves for improving their normal functioning

Robotic Heart Surgery in India – Best-in-Class Treatment within Best-to-Pocket Price

India has seen a sudden rise in medical tourism in the past few years. Availability of advanced and world class technology in the country and experts doctors has widen the scope of heart surgery here, making it a land of high hope for patients from other parts of the geography requiring heart surgery. India is a leading country world over in performing critical heart surgery and setting high wavelength in the treatment of heart disease. The nation has given a ray of hope to many parents whose children suffer from congenital defect of heart and requires high precision treatment. Specially, for people from Middle East and Asia India has proved to be a life saver. 

Lures for Choosing India as Your Medical Tourism Destination

  • 99.5% Success Rate of Heart Surgery- The success rate of heart surgery in the country is 99.5%. India has world class equipment and doctors here are efficient in robotic heart surgery in handling the cases of heart diseases. There have been many success stories of heart surgery using the robotic devices in India, exemplifying the rising strength of India in conducting rare heart surgery.
  • Cost Factor - Another major factor driving medical tourism in India is the low rate of treatment. In India, it costs about half of the cost that is charged in western countries and in some cases one fourth.
  • Great Staff - India has excellent hospitals and very supportive staff in providing comforting services to medical tourists visiting here. Familiarity of the treatment options and English language skills of the staff adds to the reasons of increasing number of medical tourists here.
  • Post Operative Care - In terms of quality of care and support to heart patients, all around support for easy recovery and better stay in the country, India has been ranked higher in the global index of providing high success heart treatment.

Cost Comparison


US ($)

India (USD)

Robotic heart surgery


12000-15000 (4-7 days)


iClinic Healthcare – A Diligent Dias between You and Your Treatment Options in India

iClinic Healthcare in India has tied up major hospitals and surgeons and provide all sorts of information to people looking to visit here for heart surgery. Right from consultation to diagnosis to treatment services in India one can avail virtually from its website.

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