Male-Female Infertility Treatment in India – Come Here to Welcome Life!

Male-Female Infertility Treatment in India – Come Here to Welcome Life!

IUI and IVF procedures are a blessing for couples, who, due to infertility problems, are not able to conceive and suffer from the mental enigma and stress of not having a kid, which has other societal ramifications as well. This technological advancement coupled with high scale of improvement in medical sciences and skilled health practitioners have given major boost to couples who due to various infertility disorders finding it extremely impossible to have a baby.

India - High on Medical Tourists' Radar

India has achieved considerable success in improving the pregnancy rate and live birth rate in recent years and is drawing medical tourists to its fold. India has seen growing footfalls of medical tourists on its soil seeking treatment for penile dysfunction and infertility disorders in males and females. The country has emerged as the favourite spot for tourists seeking medical attention in critical care.

All Under One Roof!

Male/female infertility treatment/Penile Implantation, you name it and it is available here! India offers plethora of options for men and women seeking treatments for infertility or penile implantation (for correcting erection problems). Health clinics here are equipped with all possible technologies, equipments and expert hands for procedures to treat the problems of infertility in both the sexes. One can avail the medical procedures for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) in India.

Factors Urging Medical Tourism in India

A number of factors have led credence to India being selected by patients from Asian and Middle East nations for IUI and IVF treatments. Some of them include:

  1. Hundred per cent success rate.
  2. World class health clinics, laboratories and modern equipment that takes less time in coming out with perfect diagnosis of the problem and performing operations.
  3. World renowned medical professionals, surgeons and experts for wider consultation.
  4. Easier travel options and exciting medical packages at very affordable rates.
  5. The cost of the treatment is not high as one can find in other nations. The charges are about half, and in some cases, even just one-fourth of what is being asked in US and UK.
  6. Highly trained nurses and medical staff. Foreign tourists will find it easier to communicate and can expect better coordination as personnel are efficient in English language.

Given all these factors, India is placed among top-ranking health institutions providing efficient treatment options in curing infertility problems.

Cost Comparison

US ($)

India (USD)

Intra Uterine Insemination



In Vitro Fertilization


3,250* approximately

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