Advanced Epilepsy Surgery – Viable Treatment Options in the Land of Wonders!

Advanced Epilepsy Surgery – Viable Treatment Options in the Land of Wonders!

Epilepsy results in repeated convulsions that are also known as seizures. It is a brain disorder which can result in disturbed brain activities in turn resulting in changed behavior of the patient. These seizures are symptoms of hypersynchronous neuronal activity. Across the world, about 50 million are suffering from this problem with the number increasing every year. This condition aggravates with progressing age. Medication can control Epilepsy but cannot cure it. It is noteworthy that more than 30% of patients do not have control on seizures even after taking medicines regularly. A patient is considered for treatment only after he/she gets a second seizure. The reason behind is that a person might get one seizure and never gets another in his/her entire life. Medicines are taken to prevent seizures and not to cure epilepsy.

Advanced Epilepsy Surgeries – Options Available in India

The following procedures are deliberated upon by the doctors based on the clinical condition of the patient:

  • Functional hemispherectomy
  • Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy
  • Multiple Subpial transections
  • Multilobar Resections
  • Vagal Nerve stimulation
  • Radiosurgery (selected cases)
  • Quadrantic Resections
  • Anteromedial Temporal Lobectomy

Why Do Patients From All Over The World Prefer India?

In the recent times, India has become a hub for medical tourists coming from Middle East countries for innumerable treatments. The reasons are many, and some of the important ones are as follows:

  • Cheaper treatments, up to 75% less cost as compared to western countries.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Visa rules are not complicated.
  • Easy access to translators who can speak Pashtu and Arabic.
  • It is not very far away from Middle Eastern countries.
  • Strong reputation of the doctors and services.
  • Proven track record and international approvals.
  • Ample places to visit and enjoy a mini vacation.
  • You will get your cuisine here.
  • Simple formalities and liberal visa rules.
  • Cost of accommodation is very less compared to other countries.

The above reasons make India an irresistible option for all those seeking medical help for Epilepsy but cannot afford the same in countries like USA and UK etc. Slowly and steadily the number of patients coming to India to seek medical assistance is increasing.

iClinic – A Vision, A Project, A Dream!

iClinic in India is diligently working towards bridging the gap between the hospitals and the patients from different countries seeking medical assistance here. We provide assistance for everything that a patient needs; right from the information about relevant hospitals offering the treatment to giving the privilege to chat with online doctors at a minimal cost. We make sure that the best doctors for the job are made available to the patients. We ensure that you take the flight back home feeling fitter, healthier and happier than before.

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