CCSVI Testing and Venous Angioplasty for MS – Best-in-Class yet Affordable Medical Services!

CCSVI Testing and Venous Angioplasty for MS – Best-in-Class yet Affordable Medical Services!

CCSVI is an abbreviation for “Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency.” In this, there is a blockage in the veins of the person suffering from this condition. This blockage obstructs the flow of blood. As a result of this there is insufficient blood flow to the nervous system. Research has proven that this is related to multiple sclerosis. Venous angioplasty is considered a possible treatment to ensure adequate blood is flowing to the nervous system.

Venous Angioplasty – Getting into the Details!

  • This minimally invasive procedure is less exhaustive and does not require an extensive open procedure.
  • A stent might be placed inside the vein to prevent it from closing.
  • Doctors use a guided wire and fogram map so that they can steer the catheter towards the vein that is blocked.
  • Once the narrow point is reached, a small specially designed balloon is inflated to widen the vein and remove the blockage.
  • Depending upon the requirement, a stent may be inserted which will remain in place, to be later removed.
  • Once the blockage is cleared, the catheter and the balloon are removed.

India – The Lure for Medical Tourists Mainly from the Middle East!

When it comes to health one should never take a chance. One must always ensure that the best treatment is made available so that there are no complications in the future. India has the following advantages over other countries when it comes to providing health assistance.

  • India has developed in the medical domain by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. This is evident from the fact that almost all major hospitals have world class facilities and the doctors have received international recognitions.
  • India has 21 JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals.
  • The doctors have vast experience in the field of angioplasty and multiple sclerosis.
  • You can combine medical treatment with a vacation trip too.
  • The cost is literally half of what the same procedure will cost in other well-known countries.
  • There is literally no language barrier because everyone from the doctors to staff can speak fluent English. In an even there is some language problem, a translator can be easily arranged for.

iClinic – The Dais for Doctors and Patients!

This is an initiative to escort you throughout your stay in India, to mentor you through the medical procedures, to help you get the best treatment in India and to assist you during your medical tour to our country. iClinic is a web platform giving you innumerable benefits. Seek information by just logging on to our website to about treatments in India. We offer an online platform connecting you with the best medical practitioners here in India.

Just because you do not have enough funds to go for a surgery in countries like US and UK doesn’t mean you continue suffering. You have a very good option to come to India and get high-quality yet cost-effective treatment required.

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