Endovascular Neurosurgery – Medical Excellency in the Indian Diaspora!

Endovascular Neurosurgery – Medical Excellency in the Indian Diaspora!

Neurosurgery is concerned with the treatment and diagnosis of everything related to the nervous system. This includes your spinal cord, brain, your spinal column and even the nerves that run through your body. Endovascular neurosurgery is a combination of neurosurgery and neuro radiology and is used to treat ailments related to blood vessels of spine or brain.

Benefits of the Surgery

  • This technique involves minimum invasion. This means there is very little damage to the tissue of the brain.
  • The mortality rate is almost zero.
  • There is no need for blood transfusion since there is no blood loss.
  • No need to stay in the hospital for a long duration of time. You can get back to your normal life within some days.
  • There are not many complications.
  • The procedure doesn’t leave many scars or doesn’t lead to any discomfort of any kind.
  • There is no manipulation of the tissue, brain or spinal.
  • Patients who have diabetes or at a high risk of heart related diseases prefer this surgery.
  • Patients who are old also opt for this procedure since it doesn’t cause many complications.

Why Should India Be Your First Choice?

  • India has the most sophisticated technology that is needed for this procedure.
  • The cost of treatment in India is almost 60-80% lesser than what it would cost in other developed countries like United States, and UK etc.
  • The doctors are experienced in this field and have thorough knowledge on dealing with any kind of situation that may arise.
  • India has been the destination for many patients in the past and perhaps this is the reason why the medical tourism industry in India is worth more than 13Billion USD.
  • There are many hospitals and doctors available at your service, therefore eliminating the chance of you having to wait for your turn. There are ample options available here.
  • There are many places one can visit once they are done with the surgery. This means you can get treated and enjoy a small vacation with your loved ones while you are here.

iClinic – an Online Suite for Comprehensive Information

iClinic is an organization that mediates between the hospitals and the patients. Here, we provide you with valuable guidance and information on the hospitals and doctors who are experts in the field of endovascular neurosurgery.

Put an end to all your health-related worries and come to India to get back in the pink of your health.

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