All New Vista iClinic Offers in Laparoscopic Surgery

All New Vista iClinic Offers in Laparoscopic Surgery

Are you reeling under the problem of obesity and finding it difficult to manage the abnormal rise in the weight of your body? Disproportional rise of body weight should be an alarm for you as the obesity can cause major health hazards, and in some cases may lead to death. Obesity can make you vulnerable to myriad of medical problems such as heart diseases, stroke, high BP, metabolic syndrome, cancer, reproductive problem, among major health hazards, if timely medical intervention is not sought. You should keep a guard of your Body Mass Index as BMI measures weight, and a BMI over 40 is an indication of morbid obesity.

Medical Answer to the Issue of Obesity

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is aimed at reducing the disproportional rise in patient’s weight and providing relief from other health issues that the patient is at the higher risk of attaining. The surgery is the perfect answer to deal with ever-rising weight related issues. The treatment is highly advanced and requires a small incision around belly button for the surgery. Compared to traditional surgery for obesity, advantages of the Laparoscopic surgery include:

  • Less pain
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less scarring
  • Safe for all sorts of intestinal surgeries

The Hallmark Treatments in India

The technological advancement in India in the health sector has enabled the country to offer critical care in obesity-related problems to patients at just a fraction of amount. The county has taken a giant leap in catering to larger section of patients from abroad in providing Laparoscopic treatment for reducing weight and arrest other related complications. The advantage in India for medical tourists from Middle East and Asian nations has to do with following points:

  • World level clinics: The infrastructural boost has resulted in the establishment of health clinics and top notch hospitals in India.
  • Surgery success rate: Laparoscopic treatment in India has a success rate of as high as in the US and Britain.
  • Expertise and skills of doctors: India is a hub of talented and highly skilled doctors and surgeons. The country’s health professionals have performed critical surgery that many in western countries don’t dare to take up. The skills of specialists here and availability of advanced equipment have further scaled up the success rate of such advanced surgeries here in India.
  • Low surgery cost: This is the most significant part of medical services in India and is the cornerstone of spurt in medical tourism here. The rate of Laparoscopic treatment here in India when compared to cost in America and Great Britain is significantly low.

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You can avail information about visit to India for laparoscopic gastric bypass treatment from your comfort zone. Besides, right consultation, medical support, measuring BMI, symptom check, medical package availability in India, and many more, you can have it all from iClinic Healthcare, an online support group for all things considered in medical domain in India and abroad.

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