Walk a Small Distance to India for a Big Relief from Obesity!

Walk a Small Distance to India for a Big Relief from Obesity!

You may not opt for putting on weight but you may become a victim of heavy weight, or obesity, due to the imbalanced food habits which in some cases is uncontrollable under some underlying medical condition. However, the medical science has gone far ahead in arresting the causes of obesity and controlling the unwarranted rise in body weight. Yes, obesity is very much controllable, and it can be done by a very advanced and simple surgery called Laparoscopic gastric banding.

The Cutting-Edge Treatment for Weight Control

The surgical procedure of Laparoscopic gastric banding helps reduce weight by controlling the capacity of the stomach to hold food. On an average, the procedure leads to around 40 percent reduction in weight. The Laparoscopic gastric banding is also referred as lap band. The surgery is done via a nick in the abdomen with the help of a camera. The small invasive surgery is less time consuming and results in no discomfort as against the traditional way of the treatment. The surgery is aimed at fastening a band around the area of upper stomach in order to create a pouch to control the food consumption amount.

Advantages of Getting Things Right!

Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery has the following benefits:

  • No cutting, stapling required in the stomach
  • Calibrated stoma and pouch size
  • The surgery is fully reversible
  • Less time consuming with shorter stay as an inpatient
  • The band can be very much adjusted as per the need to decrease or increase the food restriction
  • Normal absorption and digestion

Lap-Band Options in India - The Country of Choice for Medical Tourism

India has been of late identified as the most appropriate place for getting Laparoscopic gastric banding. The country has seen a massive flow of medical tourists from the Middle East and Asian diaspora for the surgery in the recent years. India offers numerous advantages to patients requiring urgent medical assistance in controlling the weight rise problem. Besides the availability of latest technological advancement for conducting Laparoscopic gastric banding, other factors that provide much credence for medical tourism in India include:

  • Success rate of the treatment: The success rate of the medical surgery is remarkably high. Here the success rate is equal to what one can get in America, Britain, or any other western counterparts.
  • Highly skilled hands and expertise: The reference has been made here to the world acknowledged doctors and clinicians that are very efficient and talented in doing the surgery in India. Besides, other medical staff, nurses and personnel are also very skilled, and you can expect a better co-ordination from them.
  • Cost advantage: India offers a very cost-effective treatment. The price here is much lower and affordable. The entire medical package for the treatment is cheaper than what one can have to bear in the western countries.

iClinic - The Future of Healthcare In India

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