All It Takes a “Nick” for Getting Rid of Weight Issues - Reach Out To iClinic To Know How?

All It Takes a “Nick” for Getting Rid of Weight Issues - Reach Out To iClinic To Know How?

The numerous efforts towards weight loss can go hay wire if it is not conducted through the right procedure. Rising weight should be alarming for you as it can result in various health complications like heart diseases, tumour and cancer, among others. Timely intervention is required for managing the cause of rise in weight and restricting the factors responsible for it. Among other treatment options, Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical treatment for reducing body weight. The treatment procedure aims at gastric restriction for achieving weight loss.

The Top Advantages of Undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy:

  • Laparoscopic procedure: The procedure requires small incision as opposed to open surgeries. It lowers the pain involved in the surgery and fastens the recovery process.
  • Restrictive procedure: The process results in controlling the food capacity of the stomach and ensures less food intake while maintaining the feeling of fullness of the stomach.
  • Lower hormone level that stimulates hunger: The surgery removes the portion producing hormone responsible for stimulating the feeling of hunger and thereby lowers hunger level and reduces weight.
  • No intestinal tract bypass necessity: The sleeve gastrectomy surgery retains the normal functioning of the stomach. The patients don’t have to suffer from the complications linked to gastric bypass.
  • Great relief from obesity-related medical conditions: The procedure can result in significant improvements related to high BP, sleep apnea, heart ailments, diabetes, etc.
  • No vitamins or additional supplements required: The treatment helps restrict the food intake. It doesn’t mean there is additional requirement of supplements for health maintenance. The nutritional requirements can be very much taken care of by intake of proper diet alone.

Sleeve Gastrectomy in India by Top Surgeons

India offers a vast opportunity for medical tourists to avail the world class treatment and care with a minimum investment when compared to western geographies. Among other medical surgery and treatments, India also provides treatment for achieving a good weight loss. Sleeve gastrectomy treatment requirement for arresting the weight gain problem has seen increasing flow of medical tourists to India from different corners of the world, particularly from the Asian and West Asian nations. Why destination India for sleeve gastrectomy can be understood from the point of benefits one can avail being here, and these are:

  • High precision surgery with close to 100% success rate.
  • The low cost of the surgery. When weighed in terms of what one has to pay for the same treatment in the West (the US and the UK), the cost here is just a fraction of it. Here you can get a very cost-effective price for undergoing the same treatment
  • Availability of top class medical institutions, specialist doctors, surgeons, laboratories, clinics, efficient nurses, and English speaking staff
  • Lucrative medical packages

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