World-Class Kidney Transplant at Most Economical Cost

World-Class Kidney Transplant at Most Economical Cost

Are you suffering from kidney problem or any other renal crisis? Have you been suggested for a kidney transplant? Your quest ends with iClinic as it is one of the leading facilitators of Indian medical tourism industry. We are connected to internationally-recognized and leading hospitals of India that have a great success rate of kidney transplants.

Kidney Transplant in India: Benefits are Too Numerous to Count

Patients looking for high-quality affordable kidney transplants can benefit from some of the following facts by choosing Indian hospitals through iClinic:

  • Indian hospitals boast of excellent outcomes in kidney transplants.
  • Highly-developed multi-speciality hospitals of India have state-of-the-art medical amenities such as latest dialysis machines, advanced laminar air flow operation theatres, hi-tech intensive care unit, and a complete range of pathological services.
  • Indian hospitals have most advanced surgical expertise in the form of skilled and experienced doctors and other medical staff.
  • Global standards, international benchmarks, and international medical protocols are followed religiously.

Moreover, through iClinic you get access to numerous hospitals thereby getting a chance to opt for your selected doctor and hospital. Through us, you get a freedom of choice and explore what best suits you!

A Brief Insight about Medical Tourism Industry in India

Numerous patients from all parts of the world come to India for kidney transplant each year, the prime reason being that most Indian hospitals have an unmatched record of performing successful transplant surgeries. iClinic has a vast network of hospitals who have a track record of successful kidney transplants. The medical teams comprise of highly-skilled professionals at each of these hospitals, and each of the specialists has experience of performing at least a dozen of successful kidney transplants. Highly skilled and talented medical professionals ensure timely detection, prevention and treatment of renal problems.

Do You Know? As per Indian laws, only an immediate and compatible family member can donate an organ.

Quality Post-Kidney Transplant Care - A Must Have for You!

Our Indian medical fraternity is thoroughly aware that their job does not end with the kidney transplant surgery, and a patient needs comprehensive post-operative care to fully recover. An isolated post-transplant unit is there where the patient is taken after the surgery. There, each patient is provided with one-on-one nursing care to avoid cross-infection. The patient is kept under-observation to check for recovery and see if the body has accepted the new organ. Through iClinic, we ensure that the patients get proper counseling regarding medications and other precautions related to lifestyle, diet, and follow-ups.

You are Surely Not Buying a Luxury!

iClinic gives you the advantage of getting a kidney transplant at a much economical cost as compared to the cost it incurs in US or UK. At any of our world-class hospitals of India, you can get the treatment at about $16000. This cost includes medical evaluation, surgeon fee, medicines, consumables, transport for airport pick and drop, nursing care, food, and your stay in a private room in the hospital.

You can take a step towards a healthy life by deciding to go for a kidney transplant. All we ask you to do is write to us with your medical reports. We will get expert opinion from India’s leading transplant specialists.

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