From Surgery to Remission - Get Helped by Experts at iClinic

From Surgery to Remission - Get Helped by Experts at iClinic

Come Down to India for the Best Options in Ankle Replacement Surgery

Ankle replacement is a surgical process which is carried out to replace the damaged cartilage as well as the bone of the ankle with prosthetics (artificial joint segments). This breakthrough in the field of medical sciences has revamped hope in the minds of the patients suffering from acute arthritis (be it osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc), bone fracture, or any other infection in the ankle joint. The ankle replacement surgery is usually carried out by keeping the patient under the effect of general anesthesia; however, some patients may be given a spinal anesthesia only. The surgeon first exposes the ankle joint of the patient by making a surgical cut through the front of the ankle following which he removes the damaged bone and cartilage, replacing it with new artificial joint parts. The cut is then closed with sutures or stitches.

Ankle Replacement Surgery via iClinic - You are in the Safest Hands!

iClinic provides a platform to select from a database of the most highly qualified and experienced doctors and surgeons from all over India and facilitates ankle replacement surgery at much affordable prices.

Why India?

If you are wondering why to come down to India for an ankle replacement surgery; here is what you need to know:-

  • Best Quality Treatment at Affordable CostThe ankle replacement surgery is performed by highly qualified and expert orthopedic surgeons in India providing the best medical care, and the cost of surgery incurred is the lowest when compared to that of other Asian and Middle East countries.
  • Pre-Surgery AssistanceThe experts in India conduct a thorough pre-surgery checkup of the patient and suggest appropriate measures to be taken. For example, the doctor may suggest losing weight before the ankle replacement and make some dietary amendments too. The doctors readily answer patients’ queries about quitting smoking, continuation of drugs, etc.
  • Comfortable Hospital StayIt takes from about a few days to a week for the patient to stay at the hospital for an ankle replacement surgery. iClinic assists by providing a wide variety of options of hospitals having excellent hospitality services. These hospitals have several room tariffs ranging from standard rooms to super deluxe lounge.
  • State-of-the-Art Medical Care – The hospitals associated with iClinic have a pool of ankle replacement surgeons with expertise in carrying out the procedure of removal of damaged bone/cartilage and replacing the lower end of shin bone and the foot bone top by attaching parts of the artificial joint and inserting plastic piece between these two parts.
  • Post-Surgery CareAs the ankle of the patient will be in a cast or splint, and also a tube will be left in the ankle in order to drain the excessive blood; the patient would be provided utmost care by highly competent and compassionate nurses and helpers. As India is known for its hospitality, the patient would feel at home amidst the caring hospital staff.

iClinic facilitates an easy connection between Indian medical practitioners and the patients, and therefore, it becomes even more feasible to opt for ankle replacement here in India.

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