Regain Your Freedom of Movement with Artificial Limbs and Prosthesis in India

Regain Your Freedom of Movement with Artificial Limbs and Prosthesis in India

Every amputee knows what it feels like missing a part of or the complete limb of one’s body. An artificial limb and a prosthetic device play a significant role in the rehabilitation by providing independence of mobility and ability to perform the day-to-day activities. The prostheses are available in a wide variety of designs and some may imitate lifelike appearance of hand, arm, foot or leg. These artificial limbs are actually amazing machines and tools, neither having any sensitivity nor the ability to respond instantly as per the intentions of the patient. However, owing to their ability to restore some of the lost capabilities of the amputee, these prostheses and artificial limbs prove incredibly vital.

Choosing India for Procuring Artificial Limbs and Prosthesis

  • The prostheses and artificial limbs are usually custom-made to impart easy adaptability and meet the specific requirements of the patient. There are several experts in the field of manufacturing these artificial limbs in India which cater to each of the patient’s requirements with utmost flexibility and diligence.
  • In India, one can choose from a pool of prosthetists that are highly experienced healthcare professionals, specifically trained to evaluate and analyze individual requirements and needs of the patients having amputations and limb deficiencies. These prosthetists are responsible for designing, manufacturing, fitting and also for the maintenance of the prostheses.
  • The popular Jaipur foot manufacturer in India offers sophisticated and customised artificial lower limb at unbelievably low cost of about 40 USD.  On the other hand, there are artificial limbs costing over 8,000 per piece manufactured in other Asian countries.
  • In India, a special assistance is also provided to the patients in locating other healthcare professionals, for example, physical or occupational therapists for additional training and instructions regarding the use of the artificial limbs and prostheses.
  • Personal care with utmost dignity and respect are among the primary quality commitments of Indian clinical professionals.    
  • The expert medical healthcare representatives of India possess international certifications and standards for the facilities, products and services offered by them.
  • In order to enjoy the benefits of best possible fitting, high durability, super fine quality, manufacturing based on modern technologies at unmatched lower costs, India is undoubtedly the best destination.

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iClinic is associated with a wide national network of prosthetists and manufacturers of artificial limbs, who provide sophisticated and high-tech prostheses and other supporting devices, catering to the specific needs of the patients. It also helps you select the best-suited manufacturer for artificial limbs from amongst a wide database, in line with your requirements and budget allowance. iClinic provides assistance throughout the process of availing artificial limbs without taking any service charges.

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