Finding the Best Place for Knee Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair Surgery in India

Finding the Best Place for Knee Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair Surgery in India

All You Need to Know About the Knee Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair Surgery in India

A meniscus tear is a physical injury which commonly happens with the sportsmen and athletes. The cartilage responsible for stabilizing the knee joint, by providing cushion, gets injured or torn either due to a forceful twist or due to the knee joint getting hyper flexed. If this tear is radial, it can sometimes be repaired, depending upon the location of this tear in the knee joint. Degenerative tears and horizontal tears are usually impossible to be repaired. In an arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery, the doctor is able to look within the knee joint by using an arthroscope and perform the task of repairing or removing the injured meniscus and damaged cartilage. The surgeon identifies the starting and end point of the tear and also determines its mobility by probing it with the help of a small hook. The surgeon then smoothly shaves the edge of the leftover meniscus in the knee joint.

Enjoy a Miscellany of Benefits of Knee Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair Surgery in India

  • The cost of carrying out knee arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery in India is almost one-third of that in the United States and other Asian countries as well.
  • Also a medical trip to India opens the door to have an opportunity of experiencing the vast heritage of the world renowned Indian cultures.
  • The top notch hospitals of India maintain high medical standards and are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technical instruments.
  • The international hospitals in India have highly qualified and well experienced medical experts having substantial amount of international exposure of knee arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery.
  • The English speaking medical and healthcare representatives at these hospitals sport a friendly attitude towards the patients and visitors. They provide a detailed guidance to the patients seeking knee arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery by briefing them about the surgery preparation details, introducing them to their respective surgical team, guiding them about recovering from surgery and familiarising the patients about the side effects of this surgery.
  • The hospitals at India also offer physical therapy rehabilitation programs for the patients undergoing knee arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery to ensure speedy and healthy recovery of the repaired knee cartilage.

Getting Under the Knife Has Never Been So Easier!

iClinic provides an efficient platform of the various hospitals specialising in knee arthroscopic meniscus repair surgery in India and also assists in selecting the best suited hospital as per the patient’s requirements and by scheduling the operation timings as well as the hospital stay. This proves highly significant to the patient as they no longer are made to wait in any queue for their turn of surgery to come which is a common practice in hospitals abroad.

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