Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery in India – For the Best Treatment You Can Avail!

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery in India – For the Best Treatment You Can Avail!

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Carpal tunnel is a painful and debilitating syndrome that is associated with numbness, tingling sensation, and pain in the thumb and fingers, which occurs when pressure is applied on the median nerve of the wrist decreasing the blood supply. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also caused by other conditions such as hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity, smoking, bone spurs and wrist injuries. When the carpal tunnel syndrome becomes disabling and the patient shows no signs of relief even after being treated for weeks, the carpal tunnel release surgery is considered as the only option. In the surgery, the pressure on the median nerve is released by surgically cutting the ligament at the roof of the carpal tunnel so as to increase the space in the tunnel.

Benefits of Choosing India for the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

A large number of factors are in favour of travelling down to India for the Carpal tunnel release surgery, which are as follows:-

  • Specialization - India has a large number of internationally certified global hospitals, which specialise in the Carpal tunnel release surgery and possess excellent infrastructure and strict quality control.
  • Experts Dwell Here - The Carpal tunnel release surgery is carried out by a team of highly proficient medical experts offering world-class quality of surgical procedures.
  • Hospitality at Its Best - India is a patient-friendly country, which enables its international patients to enjoy the outstanding hospitality exhibited by the compassionate medical as well as the non-medical staff, which is well versed in English speaking as well to make the patients feel comfortable.
  • Affordability - The patients can get the Carpal tunnel release surgery done in India at very affordable costs, which is usually around 1200 USD. The two approaches to this surgery are the Open carpal tunnel release surgery requiring an incision in the palm as well as the wrist of the patient; and the Endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery requiring a small incision in the wrist only. The cost of the latter is slightly higher than the first one. However, the surgical costs are still way lower than the costs incurred at other international hospitals in US or other Asian countries.
  • Ensuring Complete Recovery - Indian hospitals provide specialised physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, which play a very significant role in the speedy recovery of the patients after the Carpal tunnel release surgery.
  • Endowed with Best Facilities - World class neurosurgery centres in India have state-of-the-art medical facilities required for Carpal tunnel release surgery like neuro-navigation surgical systems, high-end MRI, etc.

Role of iClinic in Facilitating the Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery in India

iClinic is among the most popular and reputed medical tourism companies that assist the multinational patients in choosing the best medical healthcare professionals and hospitals in India. It facilitates priority scheduling, video conferencing, valuable counselling and also provides other necessary assistance to the patients without charging any service cost to the patients. Dedicated patient coordinators and translators are also provided by the company. 

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