Elbow Replacement Surgery in India - Getting the Right Treatment Is the Key!

Elbow Replacement Surgery in India - Getting the Right Treatment Is the Key!

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Elbow replacement surgery, also called as ‘Total Elbow Arthroplasty,’ is carried out to replace the elbow joint bones with a synthetic cone or with artificial joint parts, known as prosthetics. The elbow replacement surgery is required in conditions such as osteoarthritis, tumour around the elbow, badly fractured elbow bone, rheumatoid arthritis, or arthritis resulting from previous surgery. When the patients suffer from intense pain in the elbow joint and get no relief from anti-inflammatory medicines or physical therapy, elbow replacement surgery needs to be performed. The different types of elbow replacement surgeries include Tennis elbow replacement surgery, Elbow arthritis replacement surgery, Arthroscopic elbow replacement surgery and Total elbow replacement.

Benefits of Elbow Replacement Surgery

The patient may get the following benefits by getting his/her elbow replaced by a surgical process:-

  • Relief from the intense pain in the elbow joint
  • Reclaim his/her mobility
  • Improve flexibility of the elbow joint
  • Return to his normal course of life by having the independence to participate in sports, etc.

Advantages of Getting the Treatment Done in India

By deciding to get the elbow replacement surgery done in India, the patients can reap the following benefits:-

  • Get treated by highly qualified and experienced surgeons - India has a large number of highly trained joint replacement surgeons having a substantial international exposure of the elbow replacement surgery.
  • Best medical care facility at low cost - The cost of elbow replacement surgery in India is almost one-fifth of that in USA. The approximate average cost amounts to 7,000 USD, which includes the cost of medicines, food, surgical procedures, hotel accommodation of 4-5 days and transport facility to and from the airport.
  • World-class infrastructure and high-tech machines and equipments - The hospitals in have state-of-the-art OTs having the most modern technical equipments like laminar air flow system and also have advanced diagnostic infrastructure required for elbow replacement like PET scan, MRI, etc. High tech implants are available in India for the elbow replacement surgery.
  • Comfortable stay – India is famous for its hospitality. Also, the staff in these hospitals is highly compassionate and cooperating. They are proficient in English speaking so that communication problem is taken care of.
  • Rehabilitation Program – The hospitals in India also provide a thorough rehabilitation program to ensure the success of your elbow replacement surgery. The assistance provided by this medical travel in India program includes physiotherapy and training of exercises given to the patients in order to ensure speedy recovery and complete healing.

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