Get the Right Assistance on Hand Surgery in India with iClinic

Get the Right Assistance on Hand Surgery in India with iClinic

With the number of highly advanced Joint Replacement Surgery Hospitals in India gaining worldwide fame, it has become a medical hub and ultimate destination for several patients across the globe looking for best orthopedic surgeons at affordable costs.

A Brief about the Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is performed to address a number of problems that affect hands, wrists fingers, shoulders, elbows and sometimes the forearms. Hand surgery alleviates the range of motion of hands and helps in restoring the look of the fingers and hands that get disfigured due to accidents or some defects from birth. The other advantages of getting the hand surgery include repairing the damaged bones, muscles and tendons of the patients. Depending upon the specific needs of the patients, the hand surgeries can be of the following types:-

  • Repair of the nerves or tendons
  • Skin grafting
  • Joint replacement

Why select India as the best suited destination for Hand Surgery?

India has recently emerged as one of the most popular destinations for the patients seeking hand surgery at reasonable prices. The several attractions offered by India to the patients are as follows:-

  • A large number of experienced surgeons having performed more than 4,000 successful hand surgeries and a large number of hand and wrist factures’ fixations using locking plates are available in India.
  • Advanced surgical procedures including upper extremity surgery options, microsurgery and reconstructive hand surgery are performed at top class hospitals of India having the latest medical facilities and high-tech equipments required for the hand surgery. To name a few of these highly advanced technologies are computer navigation and neuro – navigation surgical systems which make the procedure more convenient and less stressful for the patients.
  • The total approximate cost of getting hand surgery in India sets around 3,500 USD, using the best quality prostheses and implants, which is just one-sixth of the cost of getting hand surgery in Europe, USA or UK.
  • The hospitals of India having international fame, also provide facilities and services like specialized post-treatment services including physiotherapy and others like rehabilitation services that play a very vital role in recovering the patient speedily and helps him/her to resume the daily activities after the hand surgery.
  • The medical staff of the hospitals in India is very compassionate towards the patients and offers great help and support by cooperating well with the patients right from their admission to the hospital throughout their complete stay. Language barrier between the patient and the staff is well taken care of by training the staff with great English speaking skills.

iClinic – The Best Hospital Finder

iClinic is the most popular medical tourism company of India having the highest reputation of providing best services among all its other competitors. iClinic helps you in selecting the best suitable hospital and also help connect with a highly experienced hand surgeon with you simply sitting at home and without having to pay any service charges for all the assistance provided by iClinic.

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