Thinking of Getting Hip Replacement Surgery in India - iClinic Will Help You!

Thinking of Getting Hip Replacement Surgery in India - iClinic Will Help You!

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure where the femur is removed from the body of the patient and is replaced by artificial hip replacements. This surgical procedure is carried out on the patients having osteoarthritis of the hip so as to relieve their pain and enhance their quality of life.

A Brief Know-how of the Hip Replacement Surgery

The patients suffering from chronic pain in the hip joint, having no relief even after undertaking treatments and having problem in carrying out daily activities should consider themselves as a candidate requiring hip replacement surgery. The different types of hip surgeries depending upon the problem are total hip replacement surgery, revision hip replacement, hip resurfacing, minimally invasive hip replacement, etc. A good physical health condition is a pre-requisite of performing the hip replacement surgery. The hip replacement surgery has a lot of benefits for the patients as it relieves the severe pain, restores the lost mobility of the patients suffering from hip osteoarthritis, and therefore enhances the life quality.

Why is India considered the best destination for getting Hip Replacement Surgery?

India has emerged as the most preferred place for Hip Replacement surgery due to the following reasons:-

  • The medical expertise of the orthopaedic surgeons of India is unmatchable in terms of the qualifications and medical exposure of these professionals in the field of hip replacement surgeries.
  • The medical infrastructure of the hospitals of India is equipped with the latest and the most modern technologies. The latest MRI machines make the investigations the most advanced and accurate ones. Also, computer navigation techniques available in these hospitals make the hip replacement surgery an easy and convenient one.
  • The cost of getting the hip replacement surgery performed in India is very affordable and with no compromise on the quality of medical care provided with it.
  • The phenomenal success rate of hip replacement surgeries in India is approximately 99%.
  • Rehabilitation services are arranged for the post-surgery care of the patients and trained physiotherapists are available for speedy recovery of the patients.

How iClinic Helps You in Finding the Best Place for Hip Replacement Surgery?

iClinic offers its clients a wide network of top class hospitals in India, each one having specific excellence areas. iClinic chooses the best hospital and the best hip replacement surgeon based on the specific needs and requirements of the patient considering all the constraints. No extra service charges are applicable for any assistance provided to the patients. iClinic lets you enjoy the benefits of hassle free appointment scheduling and provides personal attention. iClinic also facilitates the service of a translator if required by the international patients.

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