Looking for Shoulder Surgery in India – Go For iClinic Assistance!

Looking for Shoulder Surgery in India – Go For iClinic Assistance!

Shoulder joint is similar to the hip joint as it is also a ball and socket joint. Shoulder joint posses the maximum movement capacity among the other body joints. The shoulder surgery is recommended as an option for the patients suffering from severe and high intensity shoulder joint pain causing difficulty for them in carrying out daily activities, or the patients who suffer from acute shoulder pain during sleep, or the patients unable to move their shoulder joint due to excessive weakness, or the patients showing no relief in pain after undertaking medicinal treatments and getting physiotherapy done.

Depending upon the type of condition after carrying out a thorough diagnosis, the doctors recommend the type of shoulder surgery which could prove beneficial to the patient. These types include shoulder replacement surgery, total shoulder replacement surgery, partial shoulder replacement surgery, rotator cuff and shoulder arthroscopy.

How Getting Shoulder Surgery Done In India Be Beneficial For The Patient?

Considering India as an option for getting the shoulder surgery done is supported by a number of factors including the following:-

  • Medical Expertise of India – India has emerged as one of the best medical hubs in the world. The surgeons in India are highly competent and have enormous experience of shoulder surgery of all types. These surgeons are able to perform all types of shoulder surgery and have almost 99 percent success rates.

  • Advanced Medical Technology of India – India is at par with all the other developed nations in terms of its medical and healthcare facilities and infrastructure. All the orthopaedic treatments are carried out using most advanced techniques and equipments like computer navigation technique, the most advanced diagnosis, etc.

  • Affordable Cost of Surgery in India – In the recent years, India has emerged as the most cost effective medical treatments and surgeries destination due to the low costs involved in getting the surgery done. The cost of getting a shoulder surgery done in India is as low as one – fifth of that in the USA, UK, etc.

  • Excellent hospitality in India – The international patients coming from different backgrounds, cultures and geographic locations, are treated as own in India. The medical and non-medical staff members of the hospitals are very compassionate and caring towards the patients so that the patients feel at home.

  • Rehabilitation facilities in India – The hospitals of India provide the patients with rehabilitation facilities by assigning specific medical personnel to look after the patients after the shoulder surgery. These rehabilitation personnel help the patients in speedy recovery of them.

The iClinic Advantage!

iClinic helps the patients seeking shoulder surgery in India by providing complete solutions of finding the best hospital, accommodation, the best orthopaedic surgeon and provides round the clock assistance to the patients without charging any service fees.

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