Total Knee Replacement – Where to Get the Best Affordable Treatment?

Total Knee Replacement – Where to Get the Best Affordable Treatment?

More than 85% of all knee replacement procedures end with total knee replacements. The surgeon basically removes the rough bone and replaces it with plastic which is smoother. In some cases, he also removes the bone, undersurface of kneecap and the cartilage, and replaces it with a plastic cap. This allows smoother functioning of the joint, and the surgery is commonly known as knee replacement surgery. Once the replacement is done, there are a couple of therapies that one has to undergo to get used to the new arrangement, after which the patient will be discharged.

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The cost of the surgery in some of the European countries goes as high as $40,000 in the U.S. Compare this to the cost incurred in India which is roughly $6,500, and you will immediately come to know why India is the preferred choice for most patients from Middle East, Europe and Africa. India has many other benefits too; some of them are:

  • There are companies available who will act as mediators for you and ensure the process is smooth flowing.
  • The quality of service in India is of the highest quality. India boasts of some of the best surgeons and facilities in the world. All the latest technologies are being used to ensure you get the best of the treatments that money can buy.
  • The surgery can also be a memorable vacation for your family. The country is filled with holiday destinations and is rich in culture and heritage.
  • We have already mentioned the cost factor. It is much lower to what other hospitals in the Middle East or the U.S. provide. This is the reason why people throng to its shores to get themselves treated.
  • There will not be any communication gap as most nurses and doctors can speak English fluently.
  • There are no waiting lists, since there is abundance of rooms available for everyone who seeks treatment.
  • The facilities and procedures have received International acclaim and awards. So, you need not to worry about the quality and the outcome of the surgery.

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At iClinic, we connect you directly to best of the best facilities and institutes that provide total knee replacement surgery services. With us, you can avail the luxury of connecting with the orthopedist of your choice for which you can do a comprehensive review through our online portal. We assure to provide the best in the country. We offer every single piece of information on the best-of-the-breed hospitals and doctors, which you can utilize to your benefit. With our comprehensive guidance program and quality services, we educate, inform, and promote medical tourism in India, and assist the patients with their travel to India for getting their medical treatment done at a very affordable cost. We will thoroughly guide you about where to go, whom to approach, and what costs will you incur on your treatment. We ensure that you undergo your surgery without any hiccups.

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