Cervical Disc Replacement in India

Cervical Disc Replacement in India

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Cervical neck pains are commonplace; many of us have faced such issues once in a while due to wrong postures etc. Cervical disc replacement is however a process very peculiar and tedious to perform, as it involves the insertion of an artificial vertebrae column or cervical disc between two vertebrae disc after one disc is being removed in process of decompressing the spinal cord and nerve roots. Intent of the device is to maintain motion at the place of the replaced vertebrae and make you fit as a stallion. The procedure is a very efficient one. The replacement of the vertebrae provides much relief. It is generally done to the patients suffering from cervical disc herniations that do not respond positively to the non-surgical treatment option.

Uses of Cervical Disc Replacement – Healthy You Means Happy You!

It is an ultimate way of getting rid of the problem that you might be facing for over a long time. It can be done in the place of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. The disc so replaced into your vertebral column has some specific functions to deal with.

  • Provides you an ease of the neck movement, and maintains it normally
  • Reduced regeneration of alternate and adjacent segments of cervical pain
  • You will not need a bone graph
  • Early post-operation neck movement
  • Provide you with a faster return to normal activity
  • Post operation neck braces are not required after cervical disc replacement

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There are many options for getting cervical disc replacement throughout the world. And at the same time, there are many types of discs being used and new technologies are being discovered very minute. But needless to say that they are highly expensive and would cost you a fortune; something that an average middle class family person could not possibly afford. But the solution to this problem is not so farfetched. India provides a possible, reliable and comparatively cheaper solution to this problem. It is known fact that India is one of the leaders in the field of medicine and surgery. It has one of the largest pools of highly trained and efficient doctors in whole world. The exchange rate of India is less so you get a much cheaper medical aid than many of the western countries like America and Britain etc. India has something naturally and culturally intrinsic to it, which makes it a very hospitable environment. For people in Asia and Middle East, India is much better option because it is not just closer to them, but also has somewhat similar culture and on top of it, it is way cheaper in medical treatments than its western counterparts.

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