Laminotomy – Scrutinize before Deciding Your Medical Tourist Destination!

Laminotomy – Scrutinize before Deciding Your Medical Tourist Destination!

India Offers a Whole Host of Advantages for Medical Tourists

What Exactly Is Laminotomy?

One of the most common problems suffered by people these days is related to their back. So, one of the ways to solve this problem surgically is Laminotomy. It is an orthopedic neurosurgical procedure that removes a part of the bony area in spine referred to as lamina, which is present in our vertebral arch, in order to decompress the corresponding spinal cord and spinal nerve root. There are certain things that can compress spinal cord and cause pain. Laminotomy is a procedure that can remove that pressure from your spinal cord. It was originally known as hemilaminectomy, which consisted of the removal of either left or right lamina. But now it is more commonly carried out with the removal of a portion from both sides of lamina. The advantage of this process is that it works in preserving as much vertebrae stability as possible. It is generally accompanied by facetectomy.

Types of Laminotomy

In general, when the procedure is applied just on one vertebrae of spinal cord, it is referred to as single level and when the treatment is done on more than one vertebra, it is referred to as multi level. The types of Laminotomy procedure are listed below:

  • Cervical Laminotomy: It is the removal of part of lamina from the neck or cervical area of the body.
  • Lamar Laminotomy: It is the removal of part of lamina from the lower back portion of the vertebrae
  • Sacral Laminotomy: It is operated in the region of your pelvic and Hipbones, the removal of lamina takes from these places
  • Thoracic Laminotomy: It is done by removing lamina from middle part of the back that is thoracic spine.

Why India?

India has one of the best surgeons in the whole world and one of the best hospitals that provide topmost medical assistance to everyone. To add to this, India is comparatively cheaper than any other western countries. The same process or surgery will cost you two or three times more in United States or United Kingdom than in India and this excludes your living, travelling and all other related expenses. India has one of the best breeds of surgeons who perform the best surgeries in the world. The thing with back related surgery is that, the margin of error is very less and for that, an efficient Indian surgeon is the best pick if you are thinking on the lines of medical tourism. So for people from Middle East and from other parts of Asia, India is a much feasible option.

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