Pains Are Passé, Healthy Is In!

Pains Are Passé, Healthy Is In!

Get Rid of That Excruciating Back Pain with Minimally Invasive Laminoplasty

Minimally Invasive Laminoplasty Technique - Methods and Corresponding Results

Living with pain is absolutely a ‘no-fun’ experience and everyone suffering from any kind of pain tries to find a way to get rid of it. Back pain is a very serious issue, it restricts your movement; you are always in pain and you are never able to relax. Many people who suffer from painful back problem are suffering from cervical myelopathy. This attribute generally affects the canal stenosis and expansible laminoplasty has been known to be successfully used to free patient from the terror of back pain. Feasibility of minimally invasive laminoplasty technique is accessed through six human cadaveric spines. Lamina facet junction is accessed from C2 to C7 with the help of 22 mm tubular dilator port and through the bilateral stab incisions in C 4 and C 5 as well as in C5 and C6. The contiguous lamina is lifted from one from the bilaterally drilled lamina facet junctions. And at the minimal gap, 10 mm rib allograft spacers are inserted. Two small incisions can easily be accomplished with the help of exposure of six cervical levels. There is no dural violation in order to achieve the drilling. There is average increase of 43% in spinal canal area and 38 % in mid sagittal of spinal canal diameter.

India for Medical Tourism – A Breakthrough!

India medical consortium is known worldwide for its fine talent and at the same time, compassionate attitude towards the patients to make them feel at home. Great doctors and great hospitals here will provide you with the best ever medical assistance here. Also for people in coming from Middle East, India is somewhat like ‘feel-at-home’ place with great hospitality. We cannot also miss the fact that medical treatment costs in India are way cheaper than other countries like America and England etc. for minimally invasive laminoplasty treatment too, if you get operated in India, the overall expense will be at least 50 % less than that of United States of America or United Kingdom. At the same time, the kind of quality of medical assistance you get here would be at par with these countries at a cost which is mere half of what you might pay over there. In a nutshell, we can say that India is a good find for medical tourists coming from Middle East countries with the best medical staff, hospitals with best-in-class services, and on top of it, very hospitable environment to help the patients recover quickly.


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