"To be Strong and Healthy – You Need to be Strong in your Back"

"To be Strong and Healthy – You Need to be Strong in your Back"

India – Adding a New Chapter to Provide Best-in-Class Options for Slipped Disc Surgery

Slipped disc is a relatively common term in medical science and one of the most prominent issues that people have nowadays started encountering. Generally it is found that mostly old age people have fallen prey to this spinal ailment whose back seems to give out or actually unable to support them with their activities of daily living. The main cause for developing a slipped disc is any inadvertent fall or accident, though in some cases, lifting a heavy load may also cause this spinal injury. A person with a slipped disc in his/her back person fails to pick up or carry any load or do any type of physical activity to prevent that intense and excruciating pain, and also to prevent any inadvertent risk of falling. Today, even youngsters are also prone to get a slipped disc due to their innate affinity towards excessive gymming to cause a spinal injury.

The Treatment Protocol for Slipped Disc

A person with a slipped disc will need to undergo proper care and treatment with a course of oral medicines, physiotherapy, and massage, but in 1 out of 10 cases, a patient may require a comprehensive slipped disc surgery to correct this condition. These are the cases, which are suffering the most from that excruciating pain and are unable to recover through use of regular means.

When to Contemplate a Slipped Disc Surgery?

  • If there is any evidence of severe nerve compression
  • If you have failed medical management and there is no improvement with therapy and exercise
  • If it is becoming difficult to walk or stand with each passing day.
  • If the pain is unbearable and too discomforting.
  • If you are facing severe symptoms such as extreme muscle weakness and bladder dysfunction.

Your Surgical Alternatives

Open discectomy is a procedure, which removes all or part of slipped disk, and it is a completely safe procedure that will be carried out under spinal or general anesthesia. An incision is made in the spine in order to remove the slipped disc from the back. The surgery, technically speaking, is the last resort if every therapy or medical management has failed.

India – A Well-Known Destination for Absolute Surgical Management for Ages

We are all aware of the rich cultural background of India, and its very rich and diverse history. What evades most of the people coming to India is that India has always been world leader in medicine and science since ages. Indian medical gurus like Charaka and Sushruta came with the medicine and surgery years before western medicine came into existence. The work still prevails in India, and thus, India is a leading destination to attract even medical tourists to avail the best ever medical care for any one who comes here. The quality, skills, and expertise of Indian doctors in the field of medicine have always been appreciated and acknowledged internationally. Also, the medical services in India are a way too cheaper than the European counterparts. Getting medical aid in India would cost you substantially cheaper than that of USA and UK. Any one from Middle East and Asia should consider the fact that why spend more for more or less the same services?

iClinic HealthCare – Bridging the Gap Between International Patients and Quality Medical Services

You are visiting a new country, a place you are completely alien to, you definitely need quality assistance so that you can improve your chances of getting well by getting into the safest pair of hands. We are through and through professionals, and our quality of services speaks for us. With us, rest assured you will not have to worry about anything in this world, and just concentrate about recovering well. From travel management to your in-hospital stay, to postoperative care, we will go all out to help you get the most out of your tour to India to make it a memorable affair.

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