Spinal Fusion PLIF/TLIF India – The Quality Is Here to Stay!

Spinal Fusion PLIF/TLIF India – The Quality Is Here to Stay!

People in today’s world are continuously suffering from some or the other sort of disease and one of the major problems faced by a wide range of population is related to the back. There are several ways to deal with the issue and one of the most effective and well-known ways is that of Spinal fusion PLIF/TLIF

So What Exactly Is Spinal Fusion PLIF/TLIF?

PLIF stands for posterior lumbar underbody fusion. As it is with all sorts of spinal infusion surgeries, PLIF involves adding bone graft to the area of spine, which has been causing problem and pain to the patient. It sets up a biological response that causes bone to grow between the two vertebral elements. This henceforth results in stopping the motion at that segment. A cage made up of either allograft bone or from that of synthetic materials mainly PEEK or Titanium is used to attain spinal infusion in lower back through the process of PLIF. This cage is inserted directly into the disc space of the backbone.

What is TLIF?

TILF is a form of surgery through which the doctor attempts to stabilize the spinal vertebrae and disc shock between the vertebrae. A solid bone between the adjoining vertebrae is created which in turn eliminates any sort of movement in the disc. TILF stands for Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody fusion.  It can be done using plenty of techniques and is used to treat diseases like spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disorder, and recurrent disc herniations.

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India is endowed with the best pool of doctors in the whole world. Indian doctors are highly efficient in their work and at the same time, they are very compassionate too towards their patients. They do their best to treat their patients in a way so that they feel completely comfortable. Second more important reason to choose India as your medical travel destination is that India is cheaper than other western countries still you get the best-quality treatments here. Way cheaper than any other western country you might be planning to go to for you Spinal fusion PLIF/TLIF surgery. Indian hospitals are great in hospitality and at the same time, they are not lagging behind in technology too as they are equipped with high-tech equipments too. India is well known for its hospitality toward the people coming to this country. Any one from Middle East or Asia who decides to come to this country would be saving a fortune here; one because it’s cheap and two, because it has lower currency exchange value than these big countries.

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