Vertebroplasty - India’s Coveted Medical Services Available at Rock-Bottom Prices!

Vertebroplasty - India’s Coveted Medical Services Available at Rock-Bottom Prices!

Vertebroplasty – Say Bye to Vertebral Issues!

Vertebroplasty is a kind of procedure, which helps in stabilizing compression fracture in spinal cord or spine. When a bone is broken or cracked often because of osteoporosis, the bone cement is injected there in order to repair the broken or cracked bone. As the cement hardens, it stabilizes the backbone fractures supporting the backbone. It can largely reduce your pain and return you to your healthier self.

It is used to treat compression fracture in spine. Compression fraction occurs when external pressure causes the vertebrae of break or crack in any possible way. It is extremely painful and is capable of causing serious health problem as it can result in abnormal spine curvature.

Benefits Salmagundi

There have been several occurrences, which show drastic increase in the betterment of people lifestyles, who have gone through Vertebroplasty. Number of studies done on the subject has shown large number of cases with drastic relief from the disabling pain caused by compression fracture.

The Three-Tier Effect of Vertebroplasty

It has a three-tier effect; 1) it will increase your mobility, 2) it will decrease your need of pain medication and 3) it will decrease your pain considerably. Vertebroplasty stabilizes you backbone thereby decreasing the pain, and thus allowing you to carry on with your day-to-day work within a few days time. And also, since the treated bone is cement fill; it is less likely to be affected by osteoporosis.

India – Your Medical Miracle Destination!

Let me ask you a simple question - if you had to buy groceries and there is a store which is selling good quality veggies at half the price just down the street; does it make any sense to go to another city to buy it for 3 times the cost? It is the case here for everyone. Anyone who is suffering from compressed fracture has better option of treatment in India than in western nations. The Indian medical fraternity comprises of great doctors who are more than capable of providing you with all kind of medical assistance possible. Even if you go to USA or UK, there is a good chance that you will be treated by an Indian doctor or a doctor with Indian origin. As an icing on the cake, India is also cheaper in availing any kind of medical services and assistance than USA or UK. Also, for Middle East patients, India is very close to your home country than US or UK.

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iClinic has a very well settled network all across the country’s medical world and we are prominent in the Indian medical circle. We will be able to assist you in every way possible and provide you the best medical attention. Our USP is online consultations, availability of doctors online for chat, loads of information pertaining to diverse diseases and much more, at an online pedestal.

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