Laser TURP – Best-in-Class Treatments at Rock-Bottom Prices in the Land of Miracles

Laser TURP – Best-in-Class Treatments at Rock-Bottom Prices in the Land of Miracles

Known to be one of the most common surgical operations among men who have crossed the age of 65, The Transurethral Resection of the Prostrate removes portions of the prostate gland through the penis. This procedure is a precaution for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia which results in the swelling the prostate gland or a cancerous growth in the prostate gland. The BPH condition has become a common among men all over the world above the ages of 60. Among all the treatments existent for this condition, Laser TURP is widely known all over the world to be of the “Gold Standard.” The number of deaths due to the BPH condition has gone up to around 30000 every year in the United States. Laser TURP procedures are known for their resultant short hospital stays and virtually no blood loss. Patients who have been through other procedures before, those who have conditions of Diabetes and hypertension and renal dysfunction heal and resume normal life just like patients with no other physical disorders.

Two Kinds of Laser TURP Procedures

Doctors conduct the necessary research and then recommend procedures for patients individually. Besides Laser TURP other options include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and at high risked cases surgery may be performed. There are two kinds of procedures followed to treat this condition:

  • The first is called the Green Light Laser PVP. On a majority, patients prefer this procedure over the other as it doesn’t include any scaring procedure and is generally done under a general anesthesia or a spinal anesthesia. The benefits of the Green Light Laser PVP are that one can resume to their normal daily activities almost immediately and it is a bloodless operation.
  • The second kind is known as the Holmium Laser which is the resection of all benign tissues that eradicates the need for any future treatment.

India – The Medically Leading Nation 

India offers excellent and highly economical options for the procedure. World class hospitals in India offer this procedure at around 5000USD that includes stay in a private room for duration of 4 days, where one of your loved ones can stay with you. It also includes surgeon fees, medicines and food. Highlight of this package is that the hospital also provides for an Airport pick and drop if incase you are travelling in from another city or country. India has been famously known for its natural medical goodness. With the advent of technology and the excessive use of it, procedures such as the Laser TURP have been a huge success. Not only patients within the country but also from around the world consider India as the present medical destination. Well qualified doctors and experts, advanced technology, monetarily light on the pocket and a heart to care have made India a hot spot for treatments and various procedures.

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