Robotic Prostatectomy – Get Treated by Steel Hands with Golden Hearts!

Robotic Prostatectomy – Get Treated by Steel Hands with Golden Hearts!

India Is Known for Its Superb Medical Services along with Warm Hospitality

Known to be a blessing to patients suffering from prostate cancer, Robotic Prostatectomy has come to the salvation of a large number of patients all around the world. Highly favored due to its varied benefits such as a fast recovery, minimal blood loss and improved preservation of physical looks, this procedure is gaining liking among a vast population of patients. The main aim of this procedure is to completely remove cancer and cause minimal side effects. It technically works like an advanced robot that operates on a 3D HD image of the surgical field.

India – Medical Marvels in the Land of Profound Culture and Great Hospitality

When it comes to quality medical treatments and services, India is a name that comes in the list of topmost countries offering such quality treatments and medical services. And the story doesn’t end here; in terms of cost-effectiveness of availing these treatments, India is amongst the only few nations that offer quality treatments at very affordable prices. No wonder this land of the 7th wonder is today the hottest medical tourist destination in the world luring many patients from the Middle East, Asia and other countries to get treated here. Every year, a large number of patients from around the globe come to India to avail the medical services here. Some of the hospitals here are even affiliated to JCI. Also conforming to international standards and adhering to quality norms are some other key highlights of India’s medical envelope. The procedure costs for about one tenth of those in the western countries. However, there is an assurance of quality along with it being economically beneficial. Procedures such as Robotic Prostatectomy make a big hole in the pocket if performed in the United States or Britain. However, in India, the procedure along with hospitalization will cost you approximately around 9000 USD. This will include everything except your travel expenses on tickets. So as you decide to step on to Indian soil is ready to be served with a big heart filled with love and hands of expertise.

Find Your Ultimate Option to Full Recovery through iClinic

You can call it your online friend, your web guru, a guide, a medical mentor or even a cyber escort – iClinic will be at your service 24x7 to help you with its comprehensive suite of medical facilities all through your stay in India making your medical travel easy, satisfying and fulfilling. Wherever you get stuck with something, iClinic is there to help you out! When you are with iClinic, you are in the right hands where your fingers can do the trick in just a few clicks! Use iClinic’s comprehensive service-suite to get useful information regarding hospitals etc.; to get benefit from the symptom checker to know about your disease in detail before you reach the doctor in person; to chat with iClinic’s online doctor and much more. 

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